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  1. 2022 F150 Canadian Order Tracking [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    nobody tell him the F-series has been the top truck in Canada for like 55+ years lol
  2. 2022 F150 Canadian Order Tracking [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Yeah I’m confused too. My quoted post was from November, I’ve been driving the truck for 3+ months lol
  3. 2022 F150 Canadian Order Tracking [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I too have the X4S and the Husky wheel well liners waiting for me in my buddy's garage in Michigan. Ordered them from a site that only ships to US during last year's Black Friday sale. As I contemplate giving up on my F150 order and getting a Ram (because I NEED a truck for work and personal...
  4. PPI recommendations? 2022 5.0

    Congrats my 5.0 is being delivered tomorrow - hopefully I don’t get hosed by the dealer. i always break in V8s like easy on gas first 500 miles upto 800 easy with diff heavy applications. if your truck was built in Jan. You could do an Oil change at 1000 miles. I did it with all Chevy V8s...
  5. 3/14/2022 Build Week

    Congrats. Safe travels over to PA.
  6. Tailgate Warning add

    Did you take pin 29 to chassis ground or to a ground pin in the connector? I attempted to tie it to chassis ground (after turning it on with Forscan) and it didn't make the warning go away. If it worked for you I'll need to do some more investigating.
  7. Offset Fitment - HELP! 295/70R18 on 18x9 ET 20

    Guys, I saw a tremor on here with 18X9 295/70/18 Fuel Rebels. I loved it. It had 01mm Offset. Does this mean it’ll poke less or more than 20mm Offset? Sorry I don’t know how it works. Also, what is better for clearance, 01mm or 20mm? I want some poke, but not too much.
  8. Dealership is unable to activate Blue Crusie

    I don't fully remember what the cost was, but I don't remember it being much. I got my truck in Feb 2021, and they said the modules were already installed, but the software wasn't available. As a side note, my neighbors are Ford sales folks, and they mentioned that the Blue Cruise updates are...
  9. [Photo] Camping with induction cooktops and mini-fridge using ProPower

    Used ProPower for fully electric camping for a few days: electric induction cooktops, a mini-fridge, as well as blenders etc. One induction cooktop is 240v 3.5kw - boils water crazy fast, got the cast iron red hot. Other is 120v 1.8kw. Both available on Amazon. 50ft extension reel to provide...
  10. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (5/2) For Build Week 5/23

    I ordered 10/29--still has not been scheduled.
  11. Help Hacking the PALSAPP Site

    palsapp still says it can't find my VIN, but ford chat gave me a railcar number and dealer was confident it'd be here the week of 5/16.
  12. Pro Trailer Back up Assist

    I have a few questions about the pro trailer backup assist with trailer reverse guidance. I have struggled with wrapping my head around some of the features/capabilities of the system. Before I ask my questions, know I have looked at the Ford YouTube videos as well as some posted by a few...
  13. 3/28 Build Week Group

    Meanwhile, I just saw some kid at the gas station with a brand new lariat. Sucker was almost identical to mine (white/tan lariat) but with the chrome package. Talked to him a minute and just gazed at his truck pulling out of the parking lot
  14. Rental truck?

    Have you tried your dealer for loaning you one of their traded in trucks for said week? I have had a good experience like this while waiting for my previous truck back in 2019.
  15. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    but your not just some random guy on the internet. Your a very helpful person that I appreciate taking time to help me when the supposed experts at ford couldn’t. If you ever end up near me lunch is on me.
  16. 4/18/22 Build Week

    Looks like you got through with your 360 cam. Now the delivery wait. I’m sort of lucky that CO rail heads directly north to Winnipeg and then trucked from there so I am actually expecting it earlier than the Ford estimate.
  17. Finally!! a dealer fix for OTA Power-Up 1.7.1 -- TSB 22-2117

    I was also stuck on 1.4. I had enabled autoupdate, then later scheduled update, but only chose the day of the week that I did it. After reading on this forum to chose more than one day, which is NOT how the menu appears, that afternoon my August built 2021 jumped up to the 2.1 update.
  18. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I've had both and while I agree it is busy up there, those are also touchscreen shortcuts to what they represent. So it's a nice navigation aid.
  19. So what IS the latest/current Sync4 version?

    Oh. Man nothing wrong. I appreciate you and wanting to help. I just wanted to clear it up.