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  1. CarPlay Full Screen

    Has anyone heard of Ford having any plans to make Carplay apple maps or waze full screen?
  2. Finally!! a dealer fix for OTA Power-Up 1.7.1 -- TSB 22-2117

    Just got this email From OTA Escalation Dept Subject: Ford OTA 1.7.1 - CAS-3580XXX-W8XXX Good afternoon, The Ford engineers have advised that a fix for your Ford Power-Up failure for 1.7.1 has been released. Please make an appointment with your dealership, referencing TSB 22-2117. They...
  3. Got "Final Steps to Bluecruise" Email BUT updates toggles in off position

    I Finally got the early access "Final steps to blue cruise" email telling me that the updates will start coming and giving me instructions on setting schedules etc. My concern is I believe 1.7.1 greyed out my Automatic Update and Update Notification toggles in the off position, has anyone that...
  4. Wrapped Limited Chrome Badge Bar on Tailgate

    I've never been crazy about the chrome badge on the Limited's, I've wanted to either paint or wrap the tailgate badging on my last couple of trucks, I saw on the forum a month or 2 ago someone had wrapped his Platinum, I liked the look so I finally wrapped my 2021 Limited.
  5. BlueCruise not available until second half 2022 - says Ford customer service

    I just got off the phone with a Ford Customer Service Manager, she told me that BlueCruise would not be available until the second half of the this year, no offer of compensation of any kind, she just kept on saying she understood my frustration. I am by no means a conspiracy theorist although...
  6. iPhone 12 shows charging but does not

    I thought I saw a thread on this some months ago, truck is a Limited, I'm using an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the wireless charger, I have the phone pushed all the way to the right with the bottom of the phone facing to the driver, phone shows that it is charging but it does not or if it does it...
  7. SecuriAlert Problems

    I've been going around in circles with Ford for 2 weeks, I have the latest FordPass version and Ford says sync4 is up to date, but I don't have SecuriAlert. I've done all of the delete app and reinstall, remove truck from app and reinstall, force close, restart and still no option in FordPass...
  8. Dead Battery after 6 Days

    Drove my truck last Saturday and Parked it, didn't drive it during the week, I checked it on Wednesday on the ford pass app and it said the truck was in deep sleep mode, I thought no big deal, my 2019 F150 used to do this but normally after 3-4 weeks of no driving and the battery was always...
  9. Waze Full Screen?

    I know that you can't make Waze use the full screen like sync nav uses but I thought I saw someone previously post a way to use Waze without the right side "card" screen. Can anyone verify or know how to do this?
  10. Button on lockable storage

    Anybody know what this push button is for? It’s on the back wall of the underseat lockable storage
  11. Display "side screen" Card View Intermittent

    The side screen on my sync 4 display has 3 buttons underneath, an up arrow and down arrow and "card view" which enables you to scroll through the different available screens, most of the time the card view button won't do anything, up and down buttons work fine, only a few times when I have...
  12. Wireless Charger not working with iphone12 pro max

    My iPhone 12 pro max will not charge on the wireless charger with or without the case, i get a message saying something is in the way and the phone is not charging. I have read on other forums that this is a problem only with the iphone12 pro max on F150'S, 250'S and 350's, anyone else having...
  13. 2/15 Build Week

    Anyone else have a 2/15 Build Week? (next week)
  14. Can Interior Work Surface be used while the truck shifter is in Drive?

    You guys with the interior work surface, can this be used while the truck shifter is in drive? In other words does the shifter only stow in park or can you put it in drive and then stow it and open the work surface