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  1. '21 - '22 interior question

    The seating position in the 21 and ups are so much more comfortable than the 09-14 trucks
  2. 05/30/2022 Build Week

    That would be nice!
  3. 05/30/2022 Build Week

    Goodbye all I’m off to 6/6 land
  4. 06/6/22 Build Week Group

    same story here!
  5. Types of Owners

    How about this one lol
  6. 05/30/2022 Build Week

    still in the 5/30 week. Except now when I hit “track my vehicle” in the email ford sent, all I get is “invalid vin” must be a bug in fords system. Was working just fine until today
  7. Order Banks Closing?

    I’ve heard the same rumor. Ordering may be shut down soon.
  8. 5/30/22 Build Week

    Hello! My xlt screw was scheduled for this week as well as receiving my vin. 1/20 order date
  9. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (5/2) For Build Week 5/23

    Got a build week of 5/30 and my vin today. Ordered 1/20 xlt sport. Very excited!
  10. 3/24 Who got a Lightning Production Date Today?

    I got some “northland ford dealers” bs email… not the email I wanted!
  11. 3/24 Who got a Lightning Production Date Today?

    Fingers crossed! Does Ford email at a certain time usually or could it be any time today?
  12. 3/28 Build Week Group

    I believe it would say “rail” if by train
  13. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (3/21) For Production Build Week 4/18

    Same email. Not haven’t received date for production yet. 1/20 order date. So not really sure how they can call it a “change in my order” lol
  14. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (3/21) For Production Build Week 4/18

    So if any of us are lucky enough to be in this week of scheduling, we will find out via email later next week?
  15. Wish I had the tailgate ladder

    Both gates are structurally different
  16. Wish I had the tailgate ladder

    I installed a tailgate with a step on a truck that originally didn’t have one. Customer job at work. The two gates are completely different. The hinges that mount to the box are also different. You will have to reuse your own wiring/handle/latches. It can be done, but it’s a very major job.
  17. What to expect or order comfirmation

    Received same email back on 1/20 a day after I ordered. Patiently waiting!