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  1. powered running boards

    Anyone know when ford switched the programing of the deployment to include both sides when only one door opens? on my 2016 expedition only the board on the side you opened would deploy. as in if i opened the passenger side, that was the only one that dropped down. i find it odd to have the...
  2. powered running boards

    Today i finally had a light bulb moment and noticed both running boards deploy if driver door is opened. and also both will deploy if passenger is only door opened seemed weird my 2016 expedition would only deploy the driver side if that was the only side opened wonder why they changed the...
  3. firdst fill up today

    I had right at 1/9th tank showing with 79 miles to empty i put in a squish less than 29 gallons, it read 28.79 gallons lets not talk about cost but the truck has 36 gallons tank with that math the truck was reading less than 11 mpg. this is my first fillup and have only 611 miles so far so...
  4. sport mode 2022 KR ecoboost

    anyone know why when i select sport mode it switches to 4A mode on transfer case? my super duty did not do that, seems weird
  5. new guy

    SO now i have 4 f150 or ford sites to watch...wholly cow we recently traded the 2021 250 for a 2022 150 KR 4x4. Just didnt need the big truck so she is gone to a new person