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  1. Is there a "dog mode" when away?

    Generator mode will keep the climate control running and screen on unless you turn them off. As mentioned previously, lock the vehicle with the door keypad. The vehicle will run the engine to charge the batteries as needed. The 21 models have the temp displayed on the adjustment nobs, the 22...
  2. New BlueCruise email for complimentary year - Not in EAP

    I had a similar experience.. failed update about 2-3 weeks ago, left it with the dealer for a week while on vacation, they report successful update. I now get a bluecruise active notification when i hit the cruise control button on the steering wheel, but then I get the same warning to keep my...
  3. Trailer brake not working

    They were updating all the modules on the truck.. one of them failed a few times, so they kept it half way through the next day; it still didn't take the update, so they are gave me the truck back and are waiting on instruction from ford. The trailer brake failed to work the first time I...
  4. Trailer brake not working

    Dropped my truck off at 6:30am this am, and just spoke with the dealer (its noon here). They say the update is going well, but could take up to 8 hours to complete; they have to update every module in the truck. ..hopefully that means I will have BlueCruise and cameras at speed when they are...
  5. The EPA fuel economy is possible! See Inside*

    Only drive downhill, your MPG can be much better... o_O
  6. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    My avg mpg on my 21 Lariat PB 5.5 CC is 19.8 mpg over about 14k mils. I can get 24-26 on rural backroads at a steady 50-60mph, 17-18 around town, 7 mpg towing our camp trailer, and 100 mpg going downhill on my way home from the mountains.. ..too bad every trip cant be downhill! :giggle:
  7. Trailer brake not working

    I just got off the phone with my dealer.. also scheduled for Thursday 4/7.
  8. Trailer brake not working

    Ford Recalls Almost 400,000 Trucks Over Trailer Brake Software Issue https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/ford-recalls-400k-trucks-trailer-brake-maverick-f150-super-duty/ Ford will start notifying owners of affected models by mail on or around April 18, 2022. If you believe your vehicle is...
  9. Connect ProPower to shed for occasional power.

    It should work as expected, and by using 1/2 of the the 240 outlet you will have 30 amps of 120v power available (if your wiring and outlets can handle it.. many residential outlet won't take more than 15-20amps). having said that, I would still consider getting a weatherproof box for your inlet.
  10. Connect ProPower to shed for occasional power.

    If that is a single 20 amp circuit, without any sort of fuse box, you should be able to just terminate your wire with an inlet plug; something like this (only rated at 15 amp): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CQH2N7D ..and then use a standard extension cord from your truck. It's hard to say for...
  11. Android widget

    Fuel appears to be working so far for me.. no issues with the upgrade! Your work is appreciated
  12. Android widget

    I had some weird rendering issues with the latest version, until I removed the widget, restarted the phone, and re-added it to my home screen. I did un-install the old version first; It might be a good idea to reboot before / after installing the new version. Issues included the refresh time...
  13. Need to protect ProPower System?

    I had a ground fault notification on mine after the dealer washed it.. it went away in a few days, and few days after that my tonneau arrived. No errors since. I am pretty sure the dealer blasted it with a pressure washer and caused water intrusion into the outlets. As long as you don't...
  14. Camping Out of a 5 Ft Bed?

    On my previous truck I used a soft topper canopy and a screened tarp from slumber jack with the tailgate down; added the bedrug for comfort, right before I rolled the truck down a hill and replaced it with the F150.. :censored:
  15. Can sync 4 be used to view Bluetooth dashcam video

    The only way I could see this working, is to used a hacked version of android auto. Probably easier to put a phone holder on the dash, and watch it on a phone or tablet
  16. Aftermarket clip on extended tow mirrors

    Looking at the etrailer web site, they have a custom fitted snap on mirror comming in mid April: https://www.etrailer.com/Towing-Mirrors/Ford/F-150/2021/KS69NQ.html
  17. "Camping Mode" ?

    Maybe, but probably not.. its not a ford factory software; there are posts on here where people have had dealers say yes and no. More info on these forums on how to use it as well. I personally haven't used it, but as I see more and more use for it, I am considering getting the software and...
  18. "Camping Mode" ?

    Only using forscan. Its not accessible on the sync4 UI, currently.
  19. "Camping Mode" ?

    You can also just lock the key fob inside the truck using the keypad on the drivers door (press the two bottom keys simultaneously; just make sure you know the combo to open;).. This also solves the problem of the horn beeping every time you close the door with the vehicle left on