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  1. New BlueCruise email for complimentary year - Not in EAP

    Just got this email. 2.3.0 not in EAP. Maybe somethings going to happen ... CONNECTED SERVICES NOTIFICATION GET READY FOR A YEAR OF COMPLIMENTARY BLUECRUISE Hello Derek, Great news – Ford is excited to bring BlueCruise hands‑free highway driving* to customers who purchased a 2021...
  2. BlueCruise now showing up under Connected Services!

    This is showing up for the very first time under Connected Services. Job 1, Feb 21, non-EAP, 2.3.0
  3. Not-in-EAP-and-Waiting-for-BlueCruise-OTA-updates Anonymous

    Interested in Job 1 people's situation that are not in the Early Access Program and waiting for the normal OTA process to get BlueCruise. In my case I'm waitlisted for EAP and not interested in letting the dealer try to do the updates (at this point). I'm on 2.3.0 since Jan 22nd and had...
  4. EV routing for Lightning coming?

    EV routing support Apple maps
  5. Ford survey after 1 year of ownership

    Just got an online survey from Ford at the 1 year point for my Feb '21 PB King Ranch. I was mostly positive but I let them have it for the fuel door (post) failure (bad design) and BlueCruise software delay (after spending $995 for the hardware). Anyone else get the survey?
  6. FordPass survey

    New survey out on FordPass. Tell them what you think!!
  7. Media bin light stays on??

    I left the media bin (phone charging) door open and after locking up, all interior lights are off but blue ambient light in the bin was still on. Waited a little while and it was still on. Do you have to close the sliding cover/door to make sure the light doesn’t stay on?
  8. Car and Driver review of Powerboost F-150

    Jan '21 review. They liked it. Likes: acceleration, mpg gains, payload/towing, interior and tech, variable-assist steering. Dislikes: ride not as good as Ram, braking distance.
  9. Ford Protect ESP price increase 1/6

    5% increase starting 1/6 ☹
  10. Joined the club! Ordered a KR PB 4x4 today

    Went for it and ordered today! King Ranch 4x4 Stone Gray mono paint 601A equipment 3.5L Powerboost hybrid Chrome package Tow Technology Pkg/360 deg camera Co-pilot360 2.0 Prep Liner-tray mats Work surface Lockable storage Wheel well liner Toughbed Bedliner Thanks to everyone's help on options...
  11. ATL (NW GA) Salesman/Dealer Recommendations

    Hi. Any recommendations on salesmen/dealers to order from (25 miles NW of Atlanta)?
  12. Better long term reliability 5.0 w/ CD or PB??

    Hi. Trying to sort thru the new engine features for 2021. Which would have better long-term reliability? The 5.0 with Cylinder Deactivation or the Power Boost? Thanks.