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  1. 05/09/22 Build week

    Same for me
  2. 05/09/22 Build week

    My blend was 5/14 and I have received the "built" email. Tracker does seem to be broken for me at the moment. The order track app shows "picked" as my status.
  3. 05/09/22 Build week

    I received built email at 3:03 cst this morning. It's showing delivery between 5/25 - 5/31. It's currently in picked status on the order tracker app. Going to confirm with dealer here shortly.. Just confirmed with dealer. His report shows delivery between 5/25-5/31 as well.
  4. 05/09/22 Build week

    My blend was yesterday but I have not heard anything. Tracker is not currently working for me.
  5. 05/09/22 Build week

    If that's the case then I have a good combo.... 👀
  6. 05/09/22 Build week

    My blend is Saturday so I'm curious how this plays out for us.
  7. 05/09/22 Build week

    Yep. Had the same delivery date last week as well before I even got a sticker. I don't have much confidence in that date though.
  8. 05/09/22 Build week

    Same for me.. Dealer said his report shows ETA of 5/23 to TN.
  9. 05/09/22 Build week

    @JohnMcClane Yes sir. here it is
  10. 05/09/22 Build week

    Ford tracker has never changed for me to anything other than "order confirmed". App shows "In Production" still...
  11. 05/09/22 Build week

    Seeing some action...
  12. 05/09/22 Build week

    Tried 3 different browsers, cleared cache, etc. and nothing.. Congrats to you!
  13. 05/09/22 Build week

  14. 05/09/22 Build week

    Hopefully so... Hopefully we all get our window stickers today...
  15. 05/09/22 Build week

    Just spoke to dealer.. Still shows 5/14 build date and 5/23 ETA (no way this happens) to dealer on his report. He also said that my order says in big red letters.. "This order is no longer amendable"
  16. Order Banks Closing?

    Long overdue for sure
  17. 05/09/22 Build week

    Nothing new to report this morning.
  18. 05/09/22 Build week

    We better turn off email tomorrow. ;)