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  1. Anyone know where I can different color bolts for fuel rebel wheels ?

    I got the Fuel D680.....silver wheels with black bolts..
  2. 3/14/2022 Build Week

    No. And it still hasn’t
  3. ⏱ F-150 Scheduling Next Week (4/25) For Build Week 5/16

    The line is if investing that money nets me anything over 1.99 of the current rate then it makes numerical sense to use it in the higher margin of profit range. If it costs me say 4k to borrow from ford for 6 years and in that 6 years i can make 20k with that money it makes zero sense to me to...
  4. AC Issues???

    I have a '21 XLT and am in Las Vegas. Temps today aren't super hot--mid 80s. My truck is constantly blowing hot air with the recirculate on and temp set to Low. Does anyone else have issues with their truck AC? On my 1500 that I had before this truck, the AC was horrendous. On max fan it...
  5. 4/4/22 Build Week Group

    Why does your Palsapp show so many vin numbers?
  6. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Same, i got up to 244 and ran out of updates.
  7. 1.7.1 install failed (no OTA "fix") Fix now at dealers

    My dealer has had my truck for 8 days and has had many failed attempts to update. Today they informed me that screen is black and not responding. I did get a notice from Ford Pass that my truck was removed. I'm headed out there tomorrow to pickup a loaner. They claim that they have had a...
  8. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    After more than 8 days at my dealership, I was told this afternoon that my screen is black and no longer working. They have tried many times to update with no luck. As of now they're not sure what the solution is and are waiting for guidance from Ford. I'm assuming they have "bricked" the...
  9. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Thanks for the info. I guess I will pick me truck up this afternoon and wait for OTA updates. I'm really not sure of my options besides doing it myself or finding another dealer. You got any recommendations? Thanks.
  10. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Could someone please check mine? My truck has been at the dealer for 8 days and they dont have a clue on how to update. 1FTFW1E86MFB50937
  11. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    New chip dates... Thanks again for waiting! From what I can gather, your truck is currently on hold at the plant waiting on a microchip. We are working closely with our suppliers to address production constraints tied to the global semiconductor chip shortage. The delay is estimated to be...
  12. 01/10/22 Build Week Club

    According to ordertrack my truck has been delivered to the dealership. Haven’t received an email from Ford yet.
  13. Recall #21S56 - Loose / Sagging Underbody Insulators (Driveshaft Fracture Hazard)

    I admit that I was skeptical about grounding these trucks for a shiny spot on the driveshaft. But that picture has me serving myself crow. Wow
  14. Concerns on the v8 over the 3.5 v6

    I don't want to argue... I own both a 5.0 and a 3.5....i would love a whippled 5.0.. but not in the budget
  15. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I have success with Bluecruise and cam in motion but should I be worried that the ABS and GSM still show in updates although all the updates finished and said success?
  16. Installing 2021 bed lighting ?

    Wish I had known about this before I ordered that stupid bed utility package when all I wanted were the lights. Could have saved some dollars.
  17. Lock Programming Changed By Itself

    For almost a year, if I opened the drivers door, it unlocked all of the other doors. It was this way this morning,but this afternoon the other doors remained locked. If I went to the passenger side front door, and opened it, all doors unlocked. After searching the online menu, I found the...
  18. New BlueCruise email for complimentary year - Not in EAP

    Mine has been in the shop for a week and they still can't get it to complete. The dealer claims that they have had some complete successfully but some have issues.
  19. 4/4/22 Build Week Group

    Someone explain to me why my trucks can be in production but also delivered to the neighboring city of KC .... that's realy weird
  20. Howdy folks. Posted reservation info...

    I'm 10814xxx and still waiting. Something doesn't seem right to me.