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  1. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    Yea whomever is in charge of this needs to be fired as all they are doing is damaging the brand and pissing off even the loyal Ford people. We know there are issues with chips and drivers and commodities, but letting one guy’s truck sit in a lot for months while building and delivering an...
  2. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    Well if it makes you guys feel any better I’m on chip hold still and saw a guy with my exact truck build had received it even though it was built in May
  3. Has anyone been told they are on "Plant Hold"??

    Yea that’s the way I understood it too. I even tried to say that my understanding of the memo was only on unscheduled and new orders after the cutoff date. She said no the memo she received said it was being removed from vehicles on chip hold too. Makes no sense that they would be sending out...
  4. Has anyone been told they are on "Plant Hold"??

    still shows on mine as well. I’m just thinking maybe the dealer didn’t understand the memo and was just calling everyone with a Platinum. Hell she even told someone who had theirs on the train and on the way the same thing and that the sticker would update once it arrived. I wouldn’t think they...
  5. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    Yea I did go and look at it and it’s still there. But park assist is also still on my sticker. The dealer told me it wouldn’t update again until the build was complete and that it would reflect it then.
  6. Has anyone been told they are on "Plant Hold"??

    all I did was buy an antenna and look what happened. I’m gonna be almost 15 weeks on chip hold based on what they told me
  7. Has anyone been told they are on "Plant Hold"??

    I’m with you, I’m just kind of over it after I had my date kicked out over 7 more weeks. I was super excited for it but now I’m just annoyed with the whole ordeal. I was constantly refreshing my tracker, on the forums, checking modules, chatting. Now I’m just looking at other stuff to tinker...
  8. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    Yea that’s what I thought too, but she said the window stickers will update to reflect it after it comes off chip hold. My active park still shows too. Sounds like she doesn’t really know and just calling everyone with a Platinum
  9. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    I’m so confused right now. my truck has been built since March but on chip hold. my dealer just called and told me that my truck will not be coming with the Active Motion Seats. I said I thought my truck was already built with them and just waiting chips. She said the memo she received said it...
  10. Has anyone been told they are on "Plant Hold"??

    I’ve read that plant hold can be other issues like waiting on wiper motors and other parts. I’ve been on chip hold for 7 weeks with an eta of at least 7 more
  11. 3/28 Build Week Group

    I thought of that, but then I thought they are just throwing darts at a wall and they just said screw it let’s just bump out a couple months. I’m just gonna stop looking at it all
  12. 3/28 Build Week Group

    Missing 754 chipset modules.
  13. 3/28 Build Week Group

    I just got kicked out 6/25-7/1 from 5/14-5/20
  14. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    My dealer just called me and said he is now showing an eta to the dealer in the system of 6/25-7/1 but that it still shows chip hold! The last dates the chat gave me for completion is 5/14-5/20. Who the help knows at this point
  15. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    Yea I’m not getting my vacation until July when the wife gets back. She’ll be out of town for work and the kiddos will be out of school too so I’m def gonna need it! Was hoping to have the truck by then to use on the trip. Think we are going to round robin to Mammoth Lakes, Yosemite and Sequoia...
  16. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    Yea the terrible communication and the getting different information every time you talk to someone is frustrating. But I can deal with it even though it’s annoying. Now where I will flip out is if it’s delivered after my PCO expires and they refuse to honor it
  17. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    In the same boat. The deal is really good on mine, but they have def handled their backlog hold vehicles terribly. My new ETA week starts Sat, but I’m 100% sure it will get pushed out again. Hell if they do actually make the eta this time I’ll have to actually make a bet in Vegas
  18. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    Been doing some browsing to pass the time since I’m sure my new eta is gonna be bumped out since I have a Black Platinum BAP coming, I’m not a huge fan of the wheels so was considering these. What do you guys think? A little dark gray against all the black
  19. 2022 Order Bank Closing 5/13. 2023 Model Year Ordering Opens 7/18

    Same missing 754 modules here. Supposedly those modules control a lot of things tied to sync like 360 cameras, over the air updates, and a bunch of others. Once you see the activate in Ford Pass you will know they have been installed. I’m supposedly holding, as of today, with the same 5/14-5/20...
  20. 3/28 Build Week Group

    My new one is supposed to start Sat and go through 5/20. But like you, I have very serious doubts that they will meet them