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  1. Complimentary year of BlueCruise expected starting Q1/Q2 2022

    Courtesy of Mach-E forum: "From a new dealer bulletin, you can expect several OTA updates to enable BlueCruise later in this quarter, and you will eventually have the option to visit a dealer for these updates, as well. Customer letters will be sent later in the quarter to announce eligibility...
  2. Rebuilding a totalled 2021 F150 Platinum

    Came across this video where they bought this totalled F150 Platinum and starting a rebuild project: Part 2:
  3. Paint runs on door edges

    Have the truck for more than a month and just realized there are some paint runs on both driver side doors: To all the owners picking up their brand new truck, remember to check the paint around the door edge at delivery.
  4. 2021 Platinum Powerboost Star White with 22"X9.5 Ford Performance Wheels

    2021 Platinum Powerboost Star White Ford Performance 22"X9.5 wheels, +44 offset with OEM TPMS Yokohama Parada Spec X 305/45/22 OEM hood deflector, wheel liners Embossed "Ford Performance" lettering in Red & White Bonus - Rust, LOL. Benefit of removing the wheels so I can fluid film...
  5. Hood Deflector Installation - DIY Writeup

    I don't see a lot of information online about the Ford OEM hood deflector for the 2021 F-150, so I am going to share the installation of the OEM hood deflector. It took my dealer two weeks to get the part after I ordered. Part number ML3Z-16C900-A. Cost about $100. Tools you need for...
  6. Hybrid badge

    Added a hybrid badge on the tail gate ;-)
  7. SYNC 4 3D map graphics

    For those who's wondering how the Sync 4 map graphics look like in a big city: Sometimes I enjoyed the full screen 3D graphics over Android auto or Carplay
  8. Powerboost hybrid - showing fuel door open error message

    Hi all, I just picked up my Powerboost Platinum today. The fuel door is properly closed but the ajar message kept showing up on the dash. The service department was closed when I picked up. The message go away once driving, but every time I turn on the truck, the message comes back. I have...