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  1. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (5/16) For Build Week 6/13

    This one’s the one surely! This is like an abusive relationship.
  2. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (5/9) For Build Week 5/23

    So maybe today’s not the day… 🥲
  3. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (5/9) For Build Week 5/23

    Do I set myself up for disappointment again? Of course!
  4. Unscheduled (No Assigned VIN) Club

    I shall stay to tend the fire for future weary travelers.
  5. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    I slept in the back seat of my F250 and it was the perfect length, also slept in the bed of my 05 F150 in El Paso, wouldn't recommend that one. IMO Ford should either offer the model with options you ordered for MY23 with a price lock for when you originally ordered, or let you change to a...
  6. 05/09/22 Build week

    Separate from this forum? Looks like maybe removing my spray in bed liner moved me from Priority 2 to Priority 10, still unscheduled :'( and no scheduling next week.
  7. 05/09/22 Build week

    Granger as well, wondering if removing the bed liner triggered some negative effect. I’ll reach out to ford later today and see what’s what.
  8. Headlight Heating Element

    Do the LED headlights/fogs have any sort of heating element to prevent snow/ice build up while driving?
  9. 05/09/22 Build week

    Did you have to reach out to ford chat or did you get an email?
  10. Unscheduled (No Assigned VIN) Club

    Hope to see someone here start the 5/9 Build Week thread
  11. 3% Under Invoice 2022 F-150 Order - Granger Ford

    Wish Space White was available for the DB trucks.
  12. 2022 F150s Ordered in 2021

    Took off my spray in today... we shall see.
  13. ⏱ F-150 Scheduling Next Week (4/11) For Build Week 5/9

    At least we all have each other :') I called today to have the bed liner option removed to maybe speed things up a week or two.
  14. 3% Under Invoice 2022 F-150 Order - Granger Ford

    I ordered a week before you and I’m at priority 2, I’d imagine you’re the same or similar, but priority doesn’t really do much if they don’t have the parts to build the truck. They’ll build a priority 19 that has the parts over a priority 2 that doesn’t.