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    You guys aren’t having any issues with the 3 1/2” SST on the powerboost? I was looking to do the same lift but Readylift told me it wasn’t compatible with the Powerboost and would throw codes. How’s the ride compared to factory?
  2. 2021 leveling info with CCD suspension.

    I got off the phone with Readylift yesterday and they told me that the 3 1/2” SST would not work with the Powerboost (I don’t have the CCD stuff). They said it will throw codes. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  3. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    3k miles mixed driving just under 20mpg
  4. Shouldn't the front seats in a Lariat 502A have Tilted Head Restraints?

    September build, 502a unleashed, mine tilt as well.
  5. 9/20 Build Week

    I think my dealer was just mistaken when he told me I’d need to come back to activate it. When we did the build sheet back in June, the $995 option was as close as you could get. When my window sticker popped up a few weeks back, the option cost was changed to $1595. My assumption is that the...
  6. Rear Camera while driving like 22’ superduty?

    So when I signed the purchase order, the option was roughly $1000 and I think it was called the active prep. When I got a window sticker issued maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago, what was originally $1000 was closer to $1600. I’m assuming these later builds (mine was build week 9/20) will come with the...
  7. Rear Camera while driving like 22’ superduty?

    I remembered that I did catch a short video of the tail end of my trip on the interstate today right before my exit. I’ll toss that on here for now and get something better tomorrow.
  8. Rear Camera while driving like 22’ superduty?

    Absolutely, I’ll get one posted tomorrow.
  9. 9/20 Build Week

    So I was on the interstate today with my cruise set and after a few seconds the dash gauges turned to blue and it said Blue Cruise active!! My dealer told me that I was going to need to come back in to pay an additional $600 for this feature once the software was actually available. This should...
  10. Rear Camera while driving like 22’ superduty?

    So I picked up my truck this past Thursday and my rear camera is working at regular speeds. The bigger surprise for me is that my Blue Cruise is also working. The dealer told me I’d have to go back in and pay to update to that when it became available. Looking at my window sticker now, I paid...
  11. 9/20 Build Week

    It’s super quiet for sure. The new seats seem vastly improved compared to my 2015. It feels a little bit floaty in my opinion, but the truck I’ve drove for the last 5 years had a level kit and was definitely on the stiff side. I stayed away from the FX4 package due to reviews on the ride being...
  12. 9/20 Build Week

    Got her home! Man these trucks scream to at least be leveled. I don’t remember my 2015 looking this bad when I got it? On a side note, Alex at realtruck.com has giving me some fantastic pricing on what I’ve bought for it so far. Definitely worth your time to check him out.
  13. 9/20 Build Week

    Haha, fair enough.
  14. 9/20 Build Week

    Mine arrived at the dealer today. 9 days ahead of schedule actually. Picking it up tomorrow!
  15. 9/20 Build Week

    I’m guessing this means mine is being delivered?
  16. What cars do you have now?

    2003 Cobra 2015 F150 Lariat 2021 F150 Lariat will hopefully be here in a couple weeks ??
  17. 9/20 Build Week

    Wow, I just noticed you order March 1st! I wonder why yours was held up so much longer. That’s crazy.
  18. 9/20 Build Week

    Sometimes spell check is more than I can cope with at the end of a long day.