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  1. Reverse Auto Braking

    Great, thank you for the response.
  2. Reverse Auto Braking

    Can anyone confirm if the backup sensor option includes auto braking to prevent hitting an object when backing?
  3. Wireless Charging

    This looks like a nice charger for 2015-2020 hopefully they make one for a 2021...
  4. Fully Loaded Lariat vs Fully Loaded Platinum???

    I ordered the Fully Loaded Lariat, I like that you can get 18” rims on the Lariat much better ride and better selection of tires when a new set is needed.
  5. 2021 F-150 Mod Wishlist

    What dual wireless phone charger do you plan on using?
  6. 2021 F-150 Mod Wishlist

    Mods to my 21 FX4 5.0L Lariat Super Crew 1. Husky Bed Rug (Husky is made in USA) 2. Lomax matte black tri fold bed cover 3. slide on tow mirrors not sure what brand 4. Tires? depends what brand they come with 5. Husky floor mats dependI guess on how Fords look.
  7. USB power ports near rear view mirror?

    Ford does sell a unit that plugs into the OBD II port Would be great if you record using the built in cameras.
  8. AIR DAM

    Good question, I ordered a 21 lariat but don’t remember any mention of this deployable air dam. What models does it even come on?
  9. 5.0L V8 Cylinder Deactivation

    I hope VCT does not stand for variable cylinder technology.
  10. Dash cam built in for 2021?

    Anyone know if Ford will finally use the built in cameras to allow recording like Tesla?
  11. proximity sensors on front bumper?

    I have seen Proximity sensors on the front bumper in many of the Ford photos and videos but I have seen nothing in the ordering guide referring to front parking sensors. Has anyone heard anything about front parking sensors?
  12. Space White preview (on Mach-E)

    I like the chrome bumpers with the black rims from the Sport package. White bumpers don’t look good. I wish it was not a mistake.
  13. 2021 Ford F-150 Build & Price Configurator When?

    If you go to you can build a 2021. I cannot get the page to save my configuration. You can generate a MSRP and dealer invoice.