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  1. TFL Truck Impressed With New F-150

    Plus, Excellent example of Antimatter Blue in the sunshine. Beautiful.
  2. TFL Truck Impressed With New F-150
  3. Lockable Fold-Flat Storage retrofit installation later?

    The only reason that I am aware of is when one is ordering a gas-powered (non-HEV) configuration with ProPower. The 2kw lithium battery is in the cab, located under the rear seat, taking up the space where the lockable fold-flat storage space would be. For the PowerBoost (HEV) configurations...
  4. 2021 Ford F-150 Limited Test Drive

    Ha! As the hosts on YouTube’s TFL Truck frequently say: “With an EcoBoost, you can only be ‘Eco’ or ‘Boost’, never both.”
  5. Anyone Else Notice.... retractable tonneau cover price increased

    Here is a new pic of the Retractable Tonneau Cover, as shown on the Ford B&P site - Note that this looks a lot like the RetraxONE XR Tonneau Cover that costs about $300 less (on the 2020 F-150, anyway). I don't have confirmation this is Ford's OEM but if I were a betting man ... I think I...
  6. ANTIMATTER BLUE F-150 (2021+) Photos Thread

    Here is the single best YouTube video that I’ve seen of an Antimatter Blue F-150. The narrator is the F-150 Marketing Manager but the star of the show is the AMB in the sunshine - from several different angles. My take is that it’s a bit darker than that great pic but it is definitely Blue...
  7. Effects of lift / oversized tires on Powerboost or Co-Pilot 360

    (Correction: the 275/70R20’s are 35” dia.)
  8. Effects of lift / oversized tires on Powerboost or Co-Pilot 360

    You raise an excellent point - one that I haven’t seen anywhere. Is it fair to say that a simple leveling kit (2” - 2.5”) won’t be an issue wrt the drive train? I understand that, with a leveling kit, the figment will allow you to go from the stock 275/60R20’s (32.9”) to 275/65R20’s (34”)...
  9. LIMITED Interior Photos (2021+ F-150 -- 14th Gen)

    Thank you for this first-person account! There’s no substitute for actually seeing it live. like others on this thread, I am leaning towards SQ but will wait to see it live.
  10. LIMITED Interior Photos (2021+ F-150 -- 14th Gen)

    I haven't had an opportunity to see these 2021's in-person but am hopeful that these photos are largely washed-out, lighter than in reality. Below is a photo I'd found showing the Limited as having a darker interior -
  11. I Want to Thank This Forum Creators

    Agreed! Especially in this day in age with everything so polarized and political. This Forum is an oasis in a desert! Great group of people. Now
  12. 2021 F-150 Mod Wishlist

    Thanks for sharing. I really like the look of those Grapplers. Question: Will either a Leveling Kit or a Lift Kit be required in order to go to 34” tires? The Chief Engineer on that TFL interview pointed out that the 2021 F-150 tires were bigger (I checked and the stock 2021 comes with 33’s...
  13. SMOKED QUARTZ F-150 (2021+) Photos Thread

    Agreed. Same with Antimatter Blue. I'll wait until I can see these colors live before placing my order. This photo of version of Smoked Quartz looks darker than the one on the Ford Web Site. Still, I can see hints of blues and violets. It has potential to be interesting. I hope its more...
  14. ANTIMATTER BLUE F-150 (2021+) Photos Thread

    Thank you for posting this image of Antimatter Blue. I am definitely leaning this way but will need to see it live before pulling the trigger.
  15. Performance estimates for the Powerboost?

    As a compare, C&D had the 2020 F-150 3.5 EcoBoost at 6.1 seconds and the 3.5 HO EcoBoost at 5.1 seconds 0-60. Both are fast for a truck but that's a big difference. Maybe the electric motor can close the gap (esp off the line) but I wouldn't expect it to be better than 5.1. 'Hope I'm wrong.
  16. Powerboost HP / Torque Predictions? Timing?

  17. Powerboost HP / Torque Predictions? Timing?

  18. Powerboost HP / Torque Predictions? Timing?

    I've had a question on that for which I haven't been able to find an answer. Which EcoBoost will the Limited have? The High Output 3.5 (like the 2020 currently has) or the non-HO 3.5? Does anyone know?
  19. Electric F-150 EV Design Teased + Prototype Test Video & Facts

    Absolutely. The range while pulling a trailer. The extremely slow times at most filling stations is the killer. Over time, the faster charging stations will become more plentiful and technology will cut charge times, but right now, this is the Achilles heel of electric trucks.