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  1. Sneak peek at 2021 F-150 @ factory / production line

    Massaging seats??? That's something I hadn't heard before as it relates to the F-150.
  2. Next Gen 2021-2022 F-150 Schedule

    What's the reason for the delay on the seats? Supplier issue?
  3. Max payload capacity for Limited?

    Thanks! That's why this forum is the best! Thanks for the help.
  4. Max payload capacity for Limited?

    A friend of mine is asking me a few questions about his build and hoping someone here can answer the questions because I'm not sure. Q1: I looked on Fords brochure for a 21 F150 and it states that the max payload is 1830 lbs. Curious how much less a Limited is. Q2: how much more a Platinum is...
  5. Patent shows how electric F-150 EV could be powered by gasoline

    From what I wrote about and read as well it's a total EV system and the generator is just some kind of power supplement.
  6. Patent shows how electric F-150 EV could be powered by gasoline

    Interesting your spin on that. If there's no ICE then it does not count as a PHEV.
  7. Official 2021 F-150 HP, LB-FT, Payload & Towing Capacity Figures

    You gotta be impressed with the EcoBoost. Wow did they make it even better:
  8. New 6.8L Engine Coming For F-150 in 2022!

    The Triton was a 6.8 wasn't it?
  9. 2021 F-150 side view vs current F-150

    I'm really worried that Ford has not done enough to change up the 14th generation. This looks like a mild refresh rather than a redesign/new generation.
  10. Three Things I Hope The 2021 Ford F-150 Carries Over From The Previous Generation And Three Things I Don’t Want To See

    I made this list. Would love to hear yours. 3 Things I Want To See Carried Over from the 13th Generation F-150 to the 2021 F-150 1.) Aluminum Body – When Ford decided to put an aluminum body on the F-150 it was a bold, high-risk move. While the competition beat them up a little with some silly...
  11. Here’s the 2021 F-150 Livestream Reveal Links with New Teaser Image!

    What do you call all-new? A new generation generally means all new.
  12. 2021 F-150 May Get Onboard Generator Option

    I ran with this, did some Twitter sleuthing and found that this info has been confirmed for three years now. A mobile generator is for sure coming to the F-150. Even Ford's elusive PR team says so:
  13. Virtual Launch of F-150

    Yesterday, Toyota did a successful product launch of two new vehicles. They did it all online. It went off perfectly. Ford needs to follow their suit and get on with it for the 2021 F-150. They can do a similar online/virtual launch and get this thing going and drive excitement at a time that...
  14. Tailgate Tuesday - 2021 Tailgate thoughts?

    What do we hope to see for the 2021 F-150 for the back end and tailgate? Ford Might Have New Tailgate Technology for 2021 F-150 Rivals GMC Sierra and Ram 1500 already have more advanced tailgates for their pickup trucks, will Ford follow suit for the 2021 F-150? Tailgate advances seem to...
  15. 2021 F150 Raptor SuperCrew Only? SuperCab Appears Axed

    Raptor is a niche so the SuperCab, which was the lowest selling option, was the niche of a niche, so it makes financial sense to get rid of it.
  16. Price increase?

    Great question. I'm going to look into this. I think your premise is right on face value for sure.
  17. Hybrid F150 gets 10 miles of pure electric range

    Yes, but it also doesn't help that Ford's PR team is difficult to deal with, giving no info whatsoever but then calling out media outlets when they're suppositions or postulations are wrong.
  18. Hybrid F150 gets 10 miles of pure electric range

    This was proven false when Ford's PR chief called out this report and Car and Driver for making the claim. It sounds like it won't even be a plug-in hybrid, just a light hybrid only.