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  1. I got a premonition!

    Apparently Ford is doing what Ford has been doing past five yrs. trying to kick out products to fast and having issue with parts straight out of gate. All this makes me think is recalls later down the road. GM is coming out with a new interior and Ram keeps upping game. Don't get me wrong I...
  2. No Rear AC vents with a front bench, WTFord

    I'm right there with you Ryan. That's the biggest compliant, is it's hot back here.
  3. Check out the sliding- swivel console work table (not work surface)!

    I just ordered my new lariat powerboost with a 40/20/40 bench like previous truck. I use the 6 seats all the time for wife, kids, and grandkids and still get a lot of creature comforts the lariat offers. Also the arm rest on the bench console is taller and more comfortable then the center...