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  1. 20" Tires for Towing???

    @Stubblejumper Wow. Thank you very much for that clarification.
  2. 20" Tires for Towing???

    @diesel97 It sounds like you know a lot more about tires than I do (which is basically nothing haha). I thought the sidewall was from the tread to the tire bead. If 20" tires have a 2" greater radius than 18's, wouldn't the 20's have a taller sidewall? Thanks in advance for clearing this up...
  3. 20" Tires for Towing???

    There have been two different opinions posted today. One said 18's have thicker sidewalls. The other said he's towed with 20's with no problems
  4. 20" Tires for Towing???

    Thank you! That's exactly what the salesman said and it makes sense to me. I appreciate it.
  5. 20" Tires for Towing???

    I talked to a salesman last Friday and he said he didn't recommend 20" tires for towing because their sidewall had too much height. But, if I go to the Ford website and try to custom build an F150, every interior color I select aside from black forces me to convert from 18" to 20". Any...
  6. Towing ~7000lb Tritoon/trailer

    @BuiltFordTough. Thank you very much for the info. My tongue weight is listed at 610 lbs and I do have a WD hitch that we use with our current '04 GMC Yukon that I assume I'll be able to use with the F150 with no problems. Your response really helped me a lot. I'm going to stop worrying...
  7. Towing ~7000lb Tritoon/trailer

    @BuiltFordTough - do you know the tongue weight of your trailer & boat? I'm looking hard at buying an F150 soon and need to tow a 6500lb dry weight travel trailer. I installed Timbren suspension parts to keep my current 2004 Yukon Denali from sagging. They work great...I'm just trying to...
  8. No orders scheduled for Thursday 29 April.

    For anyone who can help this guy, he said he ordered a truck on Feb 1 and received a production date of April 21. He wants to know when he might actually get his new truck.