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  1. Extended warranty Cost

    Hey Guys, I don’t plan on purchasing an extended warranty when I receive my truck but probably will before the factory warranty expires. Has anyone purchased an extension yet? If so how much was it and what model is your truck? With all the electronics on these things there is no way I could fix...
  2. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Has anyone figured out how to add their truck to the reservation site? I have. A fried that has a Bronco order and he gets emails and updates from
  3. XLT Sport 302a EcoBoost Looking Pretty Nifty

    Love the color! Congratulations on the new truck. Just curious how did you get that nice shine? Some sort of coating?
  4. Did Ford pull the incentives?

    Do you think we are truly locked in for our original purchase date or will they pull those too?
  5. Did Ford pull the incentives?

    Hey Guys, I just saw this on my x plan pricing website. At least in my area all incentives are gone.
  6. 12 inch screen boot up time

    Makes sense. That may be what I saw on YouTube. The trucks were on the lots so they had probably been sitting
  7. 12 inch screen boot up time

    Hey guys, I’ve noticed that in a couple YouTube videos the 12 inch screen seems to be slow to boot up. Does anyone have any issues when they first start the truck and wanting to back up immediately? Does the screen switch over to the camera or does it lag due to slow boot up?
  8. Order What If's

    I’m also in the same boat. I have a trade in I’m relying on to make the deal. I only ordered 2 weeks ago so I’m sure it will be a while but the dealership told me it would be a 2022 model. I then went to another dealer just to see what they said and they also said it would likely be a 2022...
  9. Ford Financing Incentives

    Hello, I was recently informed on the forum that if you do a custom order you have the option to use current incentives at the time of order or the time of delivery. Whichever is best. However I didn’t fill out any financial paperwork at the dealership when I placed my order. I noticed the...
  10. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Love the wheels! Do you know if they have the same style that fits the stock tire? I only see the 20x9s
  11. F-150 Stock Bedliner quality?

    I like the Ford logo as well. If you go aftermarket do you not see the Ford logo embedded in the liner?
  12. F-150 Stock Bedliner quality?

    You are correct. I called and they said there is a 3-4 week lead time.
  13. F-150 Stock Bedliner quality?

    Thanks guys. Just curious.. When did you order your truck?
  14. F-150 Stock Bedliner quality?

    Oh wow. Yes it is a spray in.
  15. F-150 Stock Bedliner quality?

    Does anyone know the quality of the stock 2021 bed liners? I went ahead and ordered mine with the Ford bed liner but was curious if the quality is similar to a LineX or something similar. I see some of the LineX spray liners have a lifetime warranty against fading. Wondering if I should have...
  16. No orders scheduled for Thursday 29 April.

    I ordered last Saturday and my dealer told me I would likely receive a 2022 but it also said 3-4 months so I’m not sure that even makes sense. I hate to wait but I guess it would be nice to have a truck one year newer. Anyone else hearing this?
  17. Oil Separator for 5.0?

    Hey guys, Has anyone ever heard of putting an oil separator on the 5.0? I know they are beneficial on any turbo engine but wasn’t aware of a benefit for the 5.0. I posted the link below to get your opinion. These guys make some good videos on the F150.
  18. Reverse Braking Assist

    Haha good to know. Thank you!