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  1. Oil Brand Recommendations

    the 4.6 5.0 and 5.4 are all the same engine just different bores and head and such but they in the modular family of engines that’s why they have similar noises and issues
  2. Transmission temp gauge seems odd

    Ok let’s get back on topic people. Gas prices suck but what can we do
  3. Transmission temp gauge seems odd

  4. Transmission temp gauge seems odd

    Pa second or first highest gas tax in the nation was supposed to fix are bridges 4 billion dollars later and state police pensions are paid. 6 out of the like 80 bridges have been fixed so you talk about politics. But not here for that but yes 3.25 for 91 2.95 for 87
  5. Transmission temp gauge seems odd

    Thanks I did I was running the tank out 108 dollars later got that problem solved
  6. Transmission temp gauge seems odd

    Today I drove my truck for about 45mins and the temp gauge stayed right above cold. Then I stop and shut the truck off for about 10 mins got back in and headed home. Temperature was back in normal range. Second picture. wondering if anyone else is having this problem. It seems to becoming more...
  7. After market wheel well liners?

    Do you have the part number my Ford dealers says they can’t find the part number
  8. F-150 Lightning = Confirmed Name of the F-150 Electric Pickup!

    Ford actually naming is pretty good on this one instead of calling a suv a mustang and a off roady escape a bronco sport
  9. F-150 Lightning = Confirmed Name of the F-150 Electric Pickup!

    I don’t now they will go after a younger market with this because it will be cooler and hip and more woke
  10. Compression rate of 5.0 V8 engine?

    Anyone known what the compression is for the new 5.0
  11. 5.0L Exhausts

    Not info yet I asked all I got was soon
  12. Any aftermarket halogen to led lights yet

    I wondering if someone seen any company with led head lights yet I’m really missing the led I have a xl/stx pack truck
  13. Anyone have a storage Trey that they got from Amazon

    Looking for a storage trey for a super cab want to now what fits back there
  14. Leather Steering Wheel Swap

    No but thinking the same don’t know how the airbags would play into it
  15. What do you use to wash your truck at home?

    I have used Brillo steal pads on white lettering before the best I could find to do it takes some time but the white pops just a suggestion.
  16. Cleaning and protecting exterior plastic and rubber

    I use Rust oleum plastic restore with ceramic. Seems to have worked well there is a video on YouTube about it. The guy is from texas and does one year review of most the products on the market today check it out see what one you like
  17. Blurry Cameras

    Mine is clearer than that however the camera in this truck in my opinion is not the greatest the Jeep I had was like 1080p clear. But everything else suck with that vehicle so I will take a slightly less clear camera