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  1. 4/26 Build Week

    I contacted my salesman this morning and he said he fully expects my truck to be here next week. He said they have been getting customer orders throughout the chip shortages. He didnt know what made one order be delayed and another one be shipped, but he did confirm they are getting customer...
  2. Explain Leveling to me like I am a 2nd Grader

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
  3. Explain Leveling to me like I am a 2nd Grader

    I am not too proud to ask because I come from the Jeep world and we don't talk in terms of leveling. I think I understand the concept but not to sure about the details. Questions I have Is a 2 inch level just raising the front 2 inches to stop the rake look on the truck? Does a level...
  4. 4/26 Build Week

    Does anyone 100% know what does the huge "Retail" sticker mean? I assume it means customer ordered. I wonder if this sticker is a way for Ford to prioritize the trucks who are getting the microchips.
  5. April 12th build date

    Amazing looking ride sir!! I initially wanted the King Ranch, but I didn't like the colors it was offered in. I optioned out a Lariat instead. You getting your truck gives me hope. I am a April 26th Dearborn build with a dealer arrival date of May 20th. Fingers crossed.
  6. 4/26 Build Week

    If mine gets pushed to Aug, I am going to have to pass. I need a truck for July, not August. My sales guy did say he expects my date to correct even in the middle of the microchip shortage. We will see.
  7. Jack Cooper Transport

    I have a freight bill as well.. Does this mean anything?
  8. 4/26 Build Week

    Exactly, until our trucks say "Released", we need to assume they are going to be at Ramp 59 awaiting parts.
  9. 4/26 Build Week

    This is just a bug. I asked about it the other day. Here is the post.
  10. 4/26 Build Week

    Did you get the update from Pioneer as well? I am curious to know what his system says about your truck. I am wondering if all of these delivery dates are just auto calculated and auto populated based on the produced date and destination location and not taking into account the RAMP 59...
  11. 4/19 Build Week

    Do you have an "Estimated delivery date" on the Ford Tracker or an "ETA end date" from the tracker on this website? I am trying to figure out if I should put any stock in these dates.
  12. 4/26 Build Week

    Thank you I did this and saw the information highlighted. Thanks for the help.
  13. 4/26 Build Week

    Anyone know why the Window Stickers are different from the Tracker on this website vs the one that shows up when you track your order form The one from here displays the additional options in the "Sold to and Ship to" in the bottom left as well as the "Final Assembly Plant"...
  14. 2021 F-150 Tremor Pricing is Here! 💰

    Any idea when these will go into the build and price configurator?
  15. 4/26 Build Week

    I dont have that yet. :( Here is mine.
  16. 4/26 Build Week

    I got crickets on my build. The only update I have as of late yesterday is "Sent to Plant". I am starting to really worry, I am going to be virtual lot hopping soon. I have to have a truck soonish. My build date was supposed to be 4-26
  17. 4/26 Build Week

    It only lets me search 100 miles. I have been looking and its extremely difficult to find Lariat Sports.
  18. 4/26 Build Week

    Sadly if mine does not have produced in a few days I am going to have to cancel. I have a very nice family vacation later in the summer that I need a truck to pull a 22ft Mastercraft wakeboard boat. I might have to go lot hopping to find something that I like. I am hoping for the best.
  19. 4/26 Build Week

    I am hoping by Wednesday, I will have a shipping ETA since my build is tomorrow. I am really hoping Ford has changed it's strategy and ship the trucks that get built in between these downtimes. No need to keep filling the ramps that will further delay anything from being delivered. I noticed...
  20. 4/26 Build Week

    Use the tracker here and see if the sticker shows up there. Several of us had our sticker show up here the day before it hit the ford site.