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  1. 2021 F150 Lariat 4x4 Sport Powerboost - 4" BDS Lift, 20x9 +1 Fuel Mavericks, 35" Nitto Ridge Grapplers and more...

    Thank you for sharing...I love the look of your F150!!! I am curious on how you might compare the ride quality as compared to stock, and how you may attribute any difference between the 4" lift or the 35x12.5 ridge grapplers?
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    I had an excellent experience with Costco. It beat x plan pricing by quite a bit. I ordered a Platinum 4x4 supercrew with MSRP of $72,310, Invoice of $67,574 and Costco price of $66,844. Once the truck is delivered I am also eligible for any related incentives, including package savings...
  3. 2021 King Ranch PowerBoost on 35s and 2" level kit

    That is the basis for my original question. I am considering 285/65's and I really like the look of this truck, but I sincerely believe there must be pro's and con's between the two different tires. I am leaning towards the 285/65 simply due to weight, but curious if there are other factors in...
  4. 2021 King Ranch PowerBoost on 35s and 2" level kit

    Looks absolutely beautiful! I am curious about your decision to go with Ridge Grappler 35X11.5 as compared to 285/65 r20's? What were the pro's that aligned with your decision, and how is the ride quality/comfort?