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  1. Dearborn Shut Down 5/17 - 5/30?

    Figured. i'M at 19 an i'm also in S.FL.
  2. Dearborn Shut Down 5/17 - 5/30?

    You must of had a low priority code. I ordered my truck on March 11th and it still hasnt been built.
  3. 🧭 Track Your F-150 Order by VIN Number

    Correct me if I'm wrong but i think if all goes well KC will be back online on 5/31
  4. Kansas City Assembly Plant down for an additional 2 weeks

    I agree!! Ford should consider those who have orders in place to have the option to get a '22 vehicle for the agreed price. Please share if any word of this gets out.
  5. Official Introduction

    Welcome Stage 3 to the forum!!
  6. New tires on 2021 F150 XLT - 285/60/r20 Nitto ridge grapplers

    Truck looks good. What's your powertrain?
  7. 2021 F-150 FORScan spreadsheets

    New to the forscan world and just need a little clarity. Has anyone been able to recalibrate their speedometer to compensate for bigger tires?
  8. 2021 F-150 FORScan spreadsheets

    Hello. where can i download the forscan program and how do i get the "license"? Thnaks
  9. My 2021 F-150 Iconic Silver on 2” Bilstein 6112 kit, 295/70R18

    so you guys think the 5100's will also fit on the new 2021? I'm really leaning towards the 5100 rather then a puck leveling kit. I will be running 285/60/r20 Nitto RG tires.
  10. 5/10 Build Week

    Thought I'd start a thread for those of us who have been pushed back due to the Shutdown and for the ones who originally have been issued this build week. My original build week was April 26th, now May 10th. Lariat 501 5.0L engine Carbonized Gray FX4 Max trailer tow Sport package VIN issued.
  11. 4/26 Build Week

    Awesome! thanks
  12. 4/26 Build Week

    Where do you find this info? Please don't tell me the dealer, he's clueless. lol
  13. 4/26 Build Week

    Ordered truck on 3/11, Had a build week of 4/26 now new build week of May 10th due to KC shutting down. you guys think we'll see out trucks by the end of June? Any longer i'd rather go for a '22,
  14. Lariat Sport 502A, 2" Level, 285/65 R20 KO2s + Mods

    you rubbing with those tires? Looking at RG 305/55/R20 but worried about rubbing issues.
  15. 5/3 Build Week Club

    Just read the article on the forums page. Sorry learning my way around the new site.
  16. 5/3 Build Week Club

    Oh damn..... I thought the KC plant was the only one NOT shutting down. At least from the last article I read from Ford.
  17. 5/3 Build Week Club

    Ordered truck on 3/11. Have a VIN and was scheduled for build week of April 26. Called dealer and now new build week is for May 10th. Any idea why the change?