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  1. Electric F-150 Lightning EV will be revealed livestream May 19

    :unsure:Yeah, if you think there is a chip shortage for our trucks now. I can only imagine how many are needed for this one. Maybe they used all the ones for our trucks to build a Lightning so they have something for the live stream and that is why my Limited is sitting in a field somewhere.🙄🙄
  2. Tracker Info

    Mine is showing as off site, which means it is hanging out in a parking lot some where. Was going to be delivered tomorrow now 89 days out. Damn chip shortage.
  3. Tracker Info

    Yes 6 days away.
  4. The Latest Chip Shortage Shutdown Will Cost Ford an Estimated $1.2 Billion in Revenue

    They won't lose anything, they will pass it on the consumer and regain what they lose and then some. It's only a slight setback for them.
  5. Order What If's

    All good points as well. Everything is taking a long time, I have been waiting for a Gray Privacy fence since January they have no idea when it will get produced.
  6. Order What If's

    Yeah I just read and article that said mid 22. Not sure how old or reliable that is.
  7. Order What If's

    I totally agree, everything is passed on to the consumer. The investors will never take a pay cut.
  8. Order What If's

    Good points, I usually don't keep mine very long. This one maybe different
  9. Order What If's

    Not sure it that plays a roll or not. Hopefully you don't get pushed. Kind of weird, I went from 6 days to 93 days, and on the 29th of April it was in getting a spray in bedliner, did they crash the truck and have to start from scratch LOL.
  10. Order What If's

    Hopefully, it works out for you. For me I have no trade, and not worried about any financing. My concern is the price of the truck. And that they keep adding stuff mid build and the fact that it will nearly a year old on paper. In the event you ever want to sell i think it would be a factor to a...
  11. Order What If's

    I have had the same exact thoughts. That is what led me to this discussion to see what others could bring to the table so that I and everyone else could get a look at the big picture. Thanks for you input.
  12. Order What If's

    All excellent points, for me I won't be doing a trade. There is a very good possibility there is going be a stockpile of trucks on lots when the chip shortage gets sorted out, this could take some time. Very interesting to say the least. Thanks for chiming in.
  13. Order What If's

    As some of you may know I had a ETA of 11 May 2021 (5 days away) as of yesterday I now have an ETA of 7 Aug 2021 (93 days away). I know some of you a have been waiting for a really long time. My question to those that get pushed to the end of summer. I'm kind of on the fence of what to do, the...
  14. In Production

    approximately 20 hours How long does it take to build a Ford F-150? According to Justin Dugan, who hosts American Trucks' video, it takes approximately 20 hours to build an F-150. Break that down even further, and Ford sends a complete F-150 truck down the line every 53 seconds.
  15. Jack Cooper Transport

    Not sure it means too much. I have a freight bill and pending that has been that way for like 2 weeks, I had an ETA of 11 May 2021, yesterday my ETA changed to 7 Aug 2021 and still showing freight bill and pending. Nearly impossible to figure out Fords process.
  16. 4/26 Build Week

    Yeah kind of a mess isn't it. Quite the jumped ETA 6 days then jump to 94 days. Maybe the should up grade to 22 or Raptor HA HA
  17. 4/26 Build Week

    Mine was produced on 4/23, had an ETA of 11 May until about an hour ago then the tracker changed to ETA 7 Aug.
  18. 04/05 Build Week

    Good luck, they went from 11 May all the way to 7 Aug quite the jump they should just give me a 22 at that point ha ha.
  19. Tracker Info

    I ordered Mar 3 2021 Production Date April 23 2021 Was getting Spray in Bedliner on April 29 2021 ETA End May 11 2021 (Highly Emphasize The Estimated)