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  1. At what speeds does the hybrid work?

    This is the fastest I have had it drive in electric. Was just able to sustain 70 with slight downhill grade.
  2. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Agree. Which they had that color in Platinum trim.
  3. Wild Speculation: Chipping/Tuning the Powerboost Hybrid Engine.

    Toyota sold 6200 Miria cars in the US over 6 years. 640 in all of Europe. That is the number of cars Tesla sells in 13 days! 8 to 10 years behind Ford, Nissan, Tesla, GM, Fiat, and many others. We will see what happens with Toyota but I am not optimistic due to their very poor decisions...
  4. Wild Speculation: Chipping/Tuning the Powerboost Hybrid Engine.

    They are not just behind in sales, they don't currently sell ANY EV's currently and haven't for 7 years. Taking 8 years to release the first successor to the discontinued the RAV 4 EV is seriously far behind. They also don't seem to understand that EVs don't need to look freakish and can...
  5. Wild Speculation: Chipping/Tuning the Powerboost Hybrid Engine.

    This was Toyota a short 6 years ago: Lexus Defends Anti-EV Ad - Says "Life With An EV" Has "Challenges" And "Uncertainties"
  6. Wild Speculation: Chipping/Tuning the Powerboost Hybrid Engine.

    This would take a fundamental change in Toyota's strategic plan as they have been very anti-EV for many years, seeing the future in fuel cell technology and hybrids. I still don't even think they have a single full EV for sale currently? I think they are begrudgingly coming around to what...
  7. Transmission temp gauge seems odd

    Same or cheaper than in CA. Saw $4.65 today for 91 in Roseville CA.
  8. Programming new key and fob

    With previous years you can program a key using Forscan. I do not know if this works with 2021s. Program key with Forscan
  9. Programming new key and fob

    From the owners manual, which is very detailed and really excellent:
  10. Hands On Opinion -- Half Ton Truck Interiors Compared: 2021 F-150 vs Tundra, Silverado, Sierra, Gladiator, Ram 1500 🛻

    It's not just tech where the Japanese trucks are falling far behind. It is basic things like engine and transmission design. The best current Tundra has 50 less HP and nearly HALF the EPA MPG in town than my PowerBoost.
  11. Reverse Braking Assist

    I regularly back into a parking spot with a concrete wall in back. Have never had ti do anything other than beep at me. My wife's new Volvo applies an aggressive brake when backing into a parking spot that makes you think you hit something. Scares the XXX out of me!
  12. 2021 F150 Maintenance Schedule reference doc?

    Online. I downloaded it to my phone and laptop from Ford here.
  13. 2021 F150 Maintenance Schedule reference doc?

    The owners manual covers it great detail with about 85 pages on maintenance. Here are some of the basics:
  14. Heavy rain driving?

    Haven't had much of a chance in CA but did have a very odd day of heavy hail, almost like snow on the ground. Truck felt super stable in Slippery mode in 4A
  15. 2021 Raptor MSRP Price List! 💰

    Didn't notice there was no PowerBoost. Makes sense now.
  16. Rust on rear end of 2021 F-150 -- any others?

    These stories are why I decided to just do it myself. Looks like from the recent deliveries Ford may have fixed this. Hope they will help out those already delivered with rust who can't or don't want to do it themselves.
  17. 2021 Raptor MSRP Price List! 💰

    Looks like no 7.2kW generator with the Raptor.
  18. F150 Sport Mode

    I use it when ever I line up against a Tesla or similar car. :) It starts the engine immediately when removing your foot from the brake and shifts much more aggressively. Also automatically selects 4A mode for better traction though you can switch it back to 2H if you like.
  19. F-150 Adds Class-Exclusive Payload Estimation, Trailer Towing and Smart Suspension Damping Features

    Very cool. Way to keep Ford the tech leader in trucks. Going very Tesla with mid year updates.
  20. “Best” leveling kit?

    The Roush Fox 2.0 is what I want to go with too. How was the install? Did you need to pull vacuum on the hub actuator to remove the hub? Any trouble separating the tie rod and ball joints?