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  1. MagnaFlow exhaust

    OK brother. Let's hear about that exhaust and what you did in a little more detail. It does look pretty freakin interesting.
  2. 5.0 pmas cold air intake install

    Kind of my point. Many tend to think adding 10-20HP with after market "performance kits" sans tune will improved the performance of our vehicles (it's a truck), maybe it will since people think that is an actual performance gain. I think x.x @60' matters but .1x matters more in the 1/4 so we are...
  3. 2021 With tow mirrors and BLIS is worthless.

    Way off topic but curious. What year Carrera are you driving?
  4. 5.0 pmas cold air intake install

    10HP only matter when you compare it to stock #s. Negligible time difference, zero seat of the pants and money to power ratios matter to many people. Supercharging may be the best thing to happen to this Coyote, let's wait and see how these 21s tune once they crack it. Thanks for posting the video.
  5. 2021 With tow mirrors and BLIS is worthless.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't BLIS just let you know when there is a vehicle in your blind spot and not any traffic driving around you in a general vicinity?
  6. Linex vs Rhino Lining

    My 08 has had Line-X in the bed since new. Zero issues with it and it still looks good after a wash.
  7. Ford financing incentive

    Are you asking if the dealership is going to be "screwed" because you pay off your loan early? And where did you hear that 3 months is required? Never heard that. A dealership won't put themselves in a position for a loss, so I wouldn't worry about screwing them.
  8. F-150 Lightning = Confirmed Name of the F-150 Electric Pickup!

    What about towing/hauling? I would imagine the payloads and gross wt will be high but will the Forest Service add charging stations in the middle of the woods?
  9. 5/17 Build Week Club

    Ordered 4/15 got picked up on 4/23 with a build week of 5/17 and a build day of 5/23 Dearborn plant XLT 302A 5.0 with the only constraint I read so far, a worktop surface. Let's hope we start seeing more trucks being shipped. Good luck all
  10. What determines production at either Dearborn or Kansas City?

    Mine is an 5.0 XLT 302A, tow pack, Carbonized Grey, screw short bed and it is being built in Dearborn towards the end of May(maybe???).
  11. K&N Cold Air Intake Installed... Sounds Terrible

    Modern fitments won't gain anything from a CAI unless they are either turbo or supercharged. Almost every NA engine today is already CAI from the factory and gains will be little to none and definatly not worth the crazy prices being asked for from aftermarket dealers. When tuned, the story...