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  1. List of your 2021 F-150 issues

    "Reverse Brake Assist Not Available" error message Rough Idle
  2. 2021 F150 On board scale mode (video)

    It seems like they could use the rear sensors that are already on the trucks with adaptive headlights to enable a version of it.
  3. Sport mode launching

    I noticed that mine did the same thing today. I would think sport mode should always keep the engine running.
  4. Aftermarket antenna

    I needed a shorter one to keep from hitting the garage door. I cut the factory one off so I had about 1/2 inch clearance. Took the little ball off the end and drilled it out a little bit larger and glued it back on.
  5. Mesquite TX rail yard

    I looked it up one time, it is like a independent company that does it with a bare bones website. I looked on google maps and found the company. Mine came into the Carrolton rail yard. I'm suprised they use 2 different yards.
  6. Need help using ProPower to power house asap

    Thanks for the update. Glad you got it working. I had questions about that also.
  7. Designed for Domination: How Ford Developed the New F-150

    I turned the cell connection off in mine.
  8. Towing Specs Consolidated Document - Bumper vs. Class IV vs. Tow vs. Max Tow - UPDATED DOC v4

    I think is mostly marketing to extract the maximum amount of dollars out you. A sway bar shouldn't add 4000 lbs more towing capacity.
  9. Does the Trailer Tow Package use the new single spring setup or the Max Tow multi-spring setup?

    Mine has no tow package and the tow tech package. It has the multi-leaf springs. It's also a powerboost.
  10. Retrax ProXR bed cover

    This is the one I ordered. It takes about a month to get...
  11. Ford Pro Trailer Backup Assist Sensor Install Guide (2021 F-150)

    If they would sell those sensor backing plates separate, we could transfer the sensor from trailer to trailer pretty easily.
  12. Did your 2.7 come with an engine cover

    Engine covers help reduce noise from them. The 5.0 makes really nice noises so, no need to quiet them.
  13. Radar map -- a feature some don't know about in 2021 F-150

    Mine looks like that after I turned off everything in the privacy settings. Go to the privacy settings and make sure everything is turned on. The insurance one doesn't have to be on though.
  14. FM Antenna

    This is what I used on my 2017. This is a "BRAND NEW" VERY HIGH END Tapered Spring Stainless Antenna Mast. Our All Black Masts will come with the Noise Cancellation Wrapped Wire on all of the varying available lengths. The All Stainless version...
  15. FM Antenna

    I did the same thing. I had the antenna off my 2017 that was brand new. The antenna's are identical. I cut 5" off and put the little ball back on. I have about 1/2" to the top of the garage door.
  16. She’s home !!!

    You picked the best color!
  17. Alabama Stock Ford Rubber Mats King Ranch for sale

    Bob, Why didn't you like them? How much for shipping to 75078.
  18. FSA Recall -- L2 Cluster (20-258) notice showing in 2021 F-150 FordPass app

    That's interesting. Maybe the tuners won't get wiped out by updates. If OTA is just for Sync4 then it is just to sell map updates, ads and tracking you.