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  1. oil catch can, who has one?

    Nothing wrong with that Corvair. Essentially the same rear underpinnings as a VW Bug and nothing was wrong with that.
  2. STX or XTR rare model

    An International dealer where I grew up got an orange Scout in. looked really nice. Driver side with all that shiney orange paint. Passenger side with the wood grain decal down the side. It was something that just did not register right away—just that “hmm, something funny here, just can’t put...
  3. Where is the setting so that the windows will go all the way up with one touch?

    Ted, Andrew i have a 301a and it is one touch up and down
  4. Anyone know how to disable reverse braking and also

    I think there is a switch to shut the warnings off. look around in the menus. I shut mine off and the only audibles I get are from the back up camera
  5. Where is the setting so that the windows will go all the way up with one touch?

    Mine will go up automatically if I pull it up and hold just a second. also, I seem to feel 2 little clicks going up in the switch. Pull it just a bit farther and it may work
  6. Active Air Dam Issue

    Perhaps there is a lower limit switch in ForScan that will reduce the downward travel. I would venture to guess that air pressure on the ends are bowing the center outward and beyond the upper piece

    I don’t think the RC trucks are built in Dearborn
  8. Can't Add a Bluetooth Device

    I just use the phone in my pocket. gave up on CarPlay and just use the BT. also help me to make sure I have my phone with me—the display tells me no device and it goes to a radio station
  9. Lariat Leather Steering Wheel Swap?

    I have a leather wrapped wheel in a 301a
  10. Order What If's

    I have had mine for 3 months now, so take this with a grain of salt. ( ordered in august-delivered in February) if I cared one iota in the value of a year old truck, I would wait for the new model year. Chances are pretty fair that I would consider just that if I were still waiting. Six months...
  11. Oil consumption 2021

    If you are monitoring, I would get it serviced and oil changed at the dealer you use, and then, drive it til it quits. A qt every 500 mi and it should do bad things around 2000 mi. If a Coyote, perhaps 3000 mi. That should require a motor replacement.. Ive checked my oil twice since Feb., It...
  12. Even the big guys are sitting, Kentucky Truck

    There is a truck dealer near where I live and his inventory is predominantly white F250, F350, Transits, and f150 XL, with a few base Expeditions. probably about 75-100 vehicles in his lot. he does have a smaller lot with the higher end packages (in color), but those are not his forte. He is...
  13. Automatic Shift into Park

    Coming from stick shifts for the eon, I have been in the habit of shutting the truck down before I actually stopped rolling. I have an XLT and the first time I did that, was pretty interesting. it is weird watching the shifter move up on its own. Pretty sure the parking brake sets as well.
  14. Things may get Worse before they Get Better

    Ford dealers here in San Antonio have a bunch as well. but I have not seen but 3 in the wild
  15. Smelly Carpet

    A windshield leak can be very difficult to find. One poster here removed his door sill plates and found the trough full of water. All this has to do is catch a corner or edge of the carpet or padding and it will just suck up into the carpet by capillary action. This can get the whole carpet...
  16. F-150---- V8 Gas Mileage? What MPG Do You Get??

    Should probably mention: 3.31 rear
  17. [SOLVED] Vibration over 80km/hr (50mph)

    “My Cousin Vinny” “Ya got mud in your tires.” The first thing I thought of when I saw this.
  18. F-150---- V8 Gas Mileage? What MPG Do You Get??

    SuperCab, 8’ box, 4x4, 275/60-18 tires. 2500 mi Mileage has steadily been creeping up One trip meter I have not reset and lifetime is now reading 20.0 Trip two is reset at fill up and last tank showed 21.5. Meter is a bit optimistic as calculated I got 20.7. I’m rural, so little to no city...
  19. Peragon bed cover installed

    Looking to get one of those myself
  20. 2021 F150 Maintenance Schedule reference doc?

    can also download it to your tablet, phone, or pc. I have it on both tablets and my pc