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  1. Oil Brand Recommendations

    Glad I wasn’t the only one.. factory filter was put on with glue. I destroyed the filter getting it off. Lmao
  2. F-150---- V8 Gas Mileage? What MPG Do You Get??

    I have 5.0 super crew max tow package 3.73 gears If I drive in eco mode on the freeway not exceeding 80mph keeping it around 74-78 then I can get 19 mpg.
  3. Happy with 5.0?

    Hold up what did you adjust to get to 25? LOL
  4. Getting my truck today

    What the fuck! I get there are some things we all just deal with.. but that scuff on the front and shitty paint job. Yikes! So sorry you’re dealing with that. The dealer should 100% be fixing that stuff. would love to see more pics of the truck!
  5. Buying in one state and registering in another

    LOL this gave me slight ptsd. I bought in IA and needed to register in IL. The process wasn’t all that terrible the only frustrating part was the dealer/ IL didn’t really properly explain what needed to be done. Once I figured out the process it was mostly a waiting game. My dealer got the...
  6. Broken Cupholder tensioner, center console, rear

    100% just take it to the dealer. You bought a new truck and have a warranty. Last thing I would want is to dive into there and break something or worse not be able to fix it and they blame me.
  7. Still finding new features

    Yep not a button. I tried mashing it down the first day I got my truck lol
  8. Thoughts on F-150 Axle Ratios

    3.73 on my 5.0 and I love that pull!! I wouldn’t change them.
  9. Upper glove box closure

    Same. Gotta give it a slam.
  10. My New Lariat PowerBoost, Sport, FX4.

    As always, I may be biased but that’s a beautiful truck!! 👏🏼 Also, I felt that pain close to home about the mustang. I ended up keeping my S550 and it’s tucked away in the garage. I just couldn’t let it go.
  11. carplay choppy

    I haven’t experienced that. What I do experience is sometimes everything is connected and working fine but audio won’t play sound from Spotify. If i switch over to Apple Music it’s perfectly fine. I have to disconnect and reconnect CarPlay for Spotify to work again. Not sure where the fault lies..
  12. “Bubble” on instrument cluster?

    Welcome! Grab a chair. Enjoy yourself.
  13. Storing/Mounting a Pistol

    This. If you want to go above and beyond they sell a safe for the center console for guns.
  14. Well - it can't stay new forever

    Honestly I’d take that L and be happy it wasn’t worse. Could have ripped that whole side up bad with a skid steer.
  15. Ceramic Coating - Price and Details Thread

    I noticed the black scratches super super easy. It’s nothing major as minor polishing clears it up but it makes me want to do ceramic coating that much more to protect it.
  16. Got Bored with Older wheels....

    Looks like a police car now. Lol
  17. Fixing rear seat comfort in supercrew

    Keep in mind with new stuff being thrown under rear seats for the 21. So who knows if those will work with all configurations. (Pro power non powerboost and under seat storage etc)
  18. Ceramic Coating - Price and Details Thread

    Ceramic coating isn’t going to do much to help against debris hitting the paint. You would need a clear bra to help mitigate that at all and even those are questionable. edit- meant to reply to other guy but looks like we both agree so I’m keeping it here lol