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  1. Oil Brand Recommendations

    I just changed mine at 4500 miles and used Mobil 1 extended performance full synthetic. No measurable oil consumption prior to the change. I used it also in my Mustang 5.0 Coyote with no issues at all.
  2. Automatic Shift into Park

    I beleive it does it only if you don't have your seat belt fastened.
  3. Just me, or do they brakes suck?

    I noticed that when brand new, it took a lot more effort. Now that the brakes are bedded in (4500 miles), it stops much better. It is still a little heavy, bit I also recognize that the truck itself is considerably heavier than my previous vehicle so it makes sense. I am satisfied with it (non...
  4. F-150---- V8 Gas Mileage? What MPG Do You Get??

    I have a Platinum 4x2, which automatically gets me better mpg than most others which are 4x4. Truck has 4500 miles on it now. Over the last 2400 miles, I have averaged 24mpg, hand calculated. This includes a couple of long trips on the interstate at 70mph, with some 65mph when required. My...
  5. Just me, or do they brakes suck?

    How many miles?
  6. Hood Flex / Flutter at Highway Speeds?

    This was discussed a while back. It was solved by adjusting the bump stops.
  7. Bakflip owners! Does it really leak a lot? Is build quality and aluminum shavings a problem for everyone?

    I am happy with mine. No metal shavings or any other defects. The only time I see water inside is after going through the local car wash. The blowers that dry the car are very powerful, and can blow small amounts of water through the tailgate seal and maybe from under the tailgate where there...
  8. Who's using premium gas and who's using basic gas?

    87 octane for me. On a 544 mile trip recently I got 25.04mpg (hand calculated) from my 5.0 4x2 Platinum. Mostly interstate at 70mph, with some 65, and a small bit of stop and go. Premium might get me another mpg, but that won't offset the cost difference. I do not have a heavy foot, and Ford...
  9. Fuel additives?

    I have used Techron in the past to keep the injectors clean. If you use top-tier gas, this is not a frequent need, but I do it every 5000 miles or so as a precaution.
  10. Massaging and Max Recline Seats questions

    When the alert chimes for the passenger seat being reclined too far, simply hit "OK" on the steering wheel, and the message goes away.
  11. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    I went for the hard tri-fold (Bakflip). It is easy to use, and I do not anticipate ever having to drive with it fully folded and blocking the window. If by chance I do, as others have pointed out, it is easily removable. The retractable ones are not very easy to remove and take up too much bed...
  12. Happy with 5.0?

    No doubt... Many will say that it's no fun to drive that way... let the V8 roar!!! To each their own. I got mine to travel with, not to win drag races. My point with the post was to illustrate what CAN be done with the 5.0 if you just set the cruise control and let it run. YMMV
  13. Happy with 5.0?

    Yes, I am very happy with the 5.0. I just completed a 2 day trip, mostly interstate but some 2 lane highway, some rush hour traffic (slow, with a few stops) through Phoenix this morning. I am not a fast driver, running the speed limits mostly, except on the intersrate. Speed limit is 75 here...
  14. How can u hear these headrest speakers??

    Use a high quality audio source. FM HD works for a quick test, depending on the actual song. Crank up the volume a bit... I can hear mine!!! Sirius XM... not so much.
  15. I just drove 300kms off the lot and have some questions!

    You can use voice commands to change your XM station. Very easy. Technology advise from a 68 year old... 👍
  16. Ford Survey?

    I got one a week or so after delivery, but it was all about the dealer, not the truck. I am expecting one from Ford about the truck, but from the posts here, maybe they are not doing that any more. Too bad...
  17. Michelin vs Goodyear Wrangler (OEM)

    If anyone has any doubts about the Michelin Defender LTX M/S, they should read this review... Disclosure: I have no link to Michelin in any form, other than as a satisfied customer. I have used them for many years on various vehicles with...