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  1. Undercover Armor Flex poor fitment?

    Looks good.. We did a bed rug as well and it all tucked away nicely so you don't even really know the drain tubes are there..
  2. Undercover Armor Flex poor fitment?

    Yup, that's what we did. Kinda kicked it up a little so the house will point down through the hole..
  3. What did you do WITH your F-150 today?

    Why would you need the tailgate seal with the bedrug? I'm doing a bedrug and had one on my 2013.. I see others talking about adding it as well but I don't understand.. What am I missing? :) Oh yeah, and I got new tires on my truck.. More aggressive tires make the Platinum wheels look a lot...
  4. Wind noise

    I've had two 21's in my possession.. Both had wind noise and whistling over 55mph.. Different locations of the whistling though.. Wondering if it's the fender badges or something.. Haven't really started to look for it yet..
  5. Undercover Armor Flex poor fitment?

    There was a guy that just posted his Mx4 on FB a little bit ago.. Asked for pictures of bulkhead and tailgate.. Didn't really look that much better to me..
  6. Undercover Armor Flex poor fitment?

    I had an armor flex on the 21 truck I just swapped with Ford due to a lemon situation.. I too thought it was a little too short and would have been much better off if it was a couple inches longer front to back... I did play around and rinse off my cover once and didn't really notice any water...
  7. 2021 3.5 ecoboost vct actuator or cam phaser issues

    It's been just fine since the temperature outside has warned up.. Either way, it's getting swapped out with another truck tomorrow..
  8. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    Damn! Good for you man!
  9. 2021 3.5 ecoboost vct actuator or cam phaser issues

    No.. They replaced the passenger side turbo and that didn't solve it. They pretty much gave up and I started the lemon process.. It's probably something simple..
  10. Noise on cold start Ecoboost

    I'm not completely done with the process, but should be soon.. I went and looked at the replacement truck last week.. Just getting the paperwork agreed to at this point.. Sorry you had the same issue.. Did they try to repair it?
  11. Trailer towing issues

    Bad thing is, it will not alert if there is an actual issue with your trailer light
  12. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    Man I don't know what triggers it.. I was getting them daily when I didn't need them.. Now I never get a pop up..
  13. Noise on cold start Ecoboost

    Found out today that Ford has approved my buyback... Now to decide if I want the same setup again or not....
  14. Undercover Armor Flex poor fitment?

    I installed my armor flex two days before my truck went to the dealership and it has been there ever since.. I will say from what I noticed on the install, that it certainly would not have hurt if the cover was a couple inches longer front to back.. Can't speak to the waterproofness of it as I...
  15. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    Sounds good man.. Do you have any pictures? I have a set of the AT Plus tires in my shed waiting till I get my hands on another truck...
  16. Installed Transfer Switch in House

    I'm not 100% sure myself.. Generlink has a list of compatible generators and it lists all kinds of generators with both bonded and floating neutral that are compatible.. The generlink may be compatible, but the truck will most likely not like the...
  17. Noise on cold start Ecoboost

    Nope.. Just 3.5...
  18. Du-Ha under seat storage

    I'm sorry.. My truck has been at the dealer since 2/1... It has made it easier to move my stuff between the trucks they are letting me drive in the mean time.