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  1. Would be nice if Ford launched a Ford App Store

    There is a Ford app store of sorts within the FordPass app. It has all of 11 titles available currently, and really nothing compelling.
  2. Box tied down anchors defective?

    I know it's tacky to quote my own post, but this works. Give it a whirl. You don't need lube or tools.
  3. Box tied down anchors defective?

    There's a trick to putting the cleats on. You have to rock them forward and back while lifting. If you're facing the anchor point with the cleat lined up in the hole, lift while tipping the cleat up and down in front. It'll still be tight, but it will slide on without tools or trimming the cleat.
  4. Pedestrian Alert System - Anyone else annoyed by it?

    I agree. It's especially bad with the windows down, and (as others have noted) the truck generates the sound even when the gas engine is running!!!
  5. Ford Invites 2021 F-150 Owners to Virtual Interview with Engineers - What Questions, Feedback, Complaints Do You Have?

    Add a "hunting" mode which disables all the synthesized sounds on a PB (backup, pedestrian repellant, double honk, etc) Add a "hunting plus" mode that incorporates #1 and also favors using the electric mode more heavily than normal. Show album art when carplay/AA is displayed in the mini screen...
  6. Disappointed in B&O Unleashed

    The Unleashed sounds tons better (more accurate, less boomy) than my '14 Jeep GC, but not as good as my Audi (also B&O). If you want to rattle the cars next to you by turning up your volume, you should get a different system. The B&O is tuned for accuracy and range, not annoying your neighbors...
  7. Electric brakes, what’s been your experience?

    I have a PowerBoost with the Max Tow package (bigger rear brakes). The brakes stop the truck *very* effectively (it feels like it stops very quickly). The brakes have pretty good feel, too.
  8. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    Every antenna will have its own characteristics, due to physics. In general, a shorter antenna won't be able to pull in as weak a signal as a longer antenna (higher is better and longer conductor is better). 73s
  9. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    I live in an area with hills and mountains. Most driving has ups and downs and they seem to be brutal on MPG. The rare drive with no change in elevation yields 28-29 MPG, but on the standard hilly stuff I generally see 21-22. I'd say that the only atypical driving habit I have (that I'm aware...
  10. Turn Off Honking When Exiting and Idling?

    Back on the original point of this thread, I agree that the double beep is asinine. What's even worse is that there is already a loudspeaker installed for projecting the pedestrian repellent (white noise) and the backup alert. There is no reason the exit-while-running alert has to be the horn...
  11. Anyone found a way to disable the reverse beeping? It's loud as hell, and I'm sure will annoy the neighbors.

    I understand if the vehicle is required to generate a noise at very low speeds when in full-electric mode. I'll even accept that it has to beep when backing up. What is simply asinine, however, is that the truck generates the white noise pedestrian repellent any time it's below 20 mph--even when...
  12. Wireless Charging DIY!?

    Oooo ... I like that. And it looks like there is plenty of space below the removable tray. I wonder if that gap is for the OEM wireless charger available on higher trims. Now if there was just a higher wattage power supply in the cubby ☹️
  13. How many km / miles on your odometer at delivery?

    Picked mine up on Saturday. 39 miles on the clock.
  14. Wireless Charging DIY!?

    None yet, but I also haven't had to make any abrupt maneuvers since installing this setup.
  15. Wireless Charging DIY!?

    I went this route: It has a built in battery so it will continue charging your phone after you turn off the truck. The power bank gets (slowly) charged from the USB in the cubby (No fast charging? Come on, Ford). As you can see, the power bank fits...
  16. Lariat (501/502A) with Black Leather interior (non-Sport)

    Sorry for the lousy angle, but you should be able to get a feel for the color of the leather from this. 502A, not sport.
  17. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    Looks great! I finally got to pick mine up yesterday, too. First thing I did was replace the OEM antenna and it looks like it might be the same one you got: Second thing I did was order a wireless charging pad. Seems like the antenna and wireless...
  18. Cordless Vac Recommendation?

    If you already have any cordless power tools from DeWalt or Makita, grab a cordless vac from the same manufacturer. The batteries are interchangeable. If you're simply looking for the best cordless vac money can buy, it's this one: Pricey, but...
  19. Spare Fob & Any Other Manuals?

    Quick reference guide: Manual: List of...