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  1. Dash Cam Placement

    Not the best pic but mine is to the right of the mirror. Thinkware U1000. Wiring is tucked under the headliner and run down a pillar to the passenger side fuse box. Truck is at the dealership for recall and alarm issue but can get some better pics when i get it back
  2. Limited real world cargo numbers?

    FYI here is the sticker from my limited. It's a Powerboost 4x4. Options are max recline,work surface, spray in liner and hard tonneau cover.
  3. Dash cam options?

    Don't have the greatest pics as I took them in my garage as an after thought. I went with the Thinkware U1000 2channel dash cam with backup battery from blackboxmycar. Here are some install pics that I could take. The power wires from battery to front cam run along the headliner and down the C...
  4. ***Limited Club***

    Picked it up on Wednesday and installed the dashcam yesterday. Actually a far easier install than I'd imagine. I'll throw pics of the camera up tomorrow. Here's the pic the day before I picked her up. (None of delivery day as it was pouring rain all day long)
  5. Box tied down anchors defective?

    Mine were terribly hard and tight to get in. I ended up having to get pretty aggressive with a rubber mallet and eventually it went in. There was definitely some excess plastic material in the channels of the cleats that required filing down. But they aren't going anywhere now
  6. 2/15 Build Week

    Mine is still sitting at the rail yard 10 miles from my dealer. Been there since the 17th. I have a PCO expiring on the 31st so holding out hope but now down to the final few days
  7. PCO expiring on March 31

    My truck has been stuck at the rail yard 20 miles from my dealer since the 15th. Estimated delivery was the 18th then got pushed back to the 29th. Hoping it makes the short drive by next Monday otherwise my PCO will be wasted.
  8. 🧭 Track Your F-150 Order by VIN Number

    My order number is buried in the item number box at the bottom of the window sticker. Check there if you have yours. My number is 3433 for reference
  9. Is the tailgate SUPPOSED to seal?

    Completely normal. You can get a tailgate seal from a number of manufacturers that should provide a more water resistant seal. Already have one in waiting for mine.
  10. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    i have the pco open in edge in a VPN if someone wants to PM me their info. need name, email and mailing address claimed
  11. 2/15 Build Week

    My status just updated this morning to in transit on this tracker and shipped on the Ford tracker but without a date or check mark in the shipped box. Looks like it is on track for delivery next month just in time for truck month
  12. Dash cam options?

    Curious as to what fuses you used. Which slots did you find that were accessory for the hardwiring? Interested as my truck should be here in a few weeks and this is project number 1. Thanks
  13. 2/15 Build Week

    Definitely some good news for me. For a while I didn't have anything but the blend date but today the tracker here and on Ford's website updated with an estimated delivery date of 3/19. And I have 3 of the delayed options (bedliner, wheel well liner and tonneau cover). Things are looking good...
  14. Dash cam options?

    Jumping in this thread to say that I am going with the Thinkware U1000 with cellink battery. Have this exact setup in the wife's GLE and an older Thinkware F770 with battery in my M3 and have been quite pleased with both. It's sitting on my shelf waiting for the truck to get here if it ever comes
  15. (Feb 13) 2021 F-150 Production Constraints

    Eww. If I already have a build date and blend date of the 18th would this affect my order? I have the bed liner, wheel well liner and tonneau cover on my build
  16. Ford Tray style Floor Mats with the foldable lockable storage

    Can anyone confirm if this is the correct part number for the floor liner with the underseat box? ML3Z1613300BA All Weather, Black Vinyl, With Logo, 10/12/2020, F150, Crew Cab, With Carpet Floor Covering, Floor Mat Kit Level 1, RR UNDER SEAT STOW LUXURY BOX
  17. 2/15 Build Week

    My sticker just posted as well. 2/18 build date. Woohoo
  18. Need a PCO ? here's another way

    Xplan Xplan still allows you to use PCOs For the second question check with your dealer. Most will probably not honor the PCO if it arrives after the expiration date but I do know that some will lock in your PCO for you.
  19. Need a PCO ? here's another way

    The dealer I ordered my truck from