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  1. Ford Tracker, is it worth it?

    Date ordered; December 9, 2020 Production completed; March 1st Released to ship: March 2nd Estimated Delivery Date; March 20th On March 19th the tracker adjusted to a new estimated delivery date of March 27th. March 27th, Tracker shows one day to delivery...
  2. I’m 8 weeks out with no VIN, anyone else experiencing this?

    First, when you placed your order you should have received a copy of the "preview Order form". On the bottom of the form under customer signature and date it, you might find "This order has not been submitted to the order bank" and under that "this is not an invoice" . This is the initial form...
  3. New Platinum Has Arrived; Brief Review

    Great review, thanks. Wish now that I had gone with Granger. Their volume of orders must give them a higher allocation as your order to delivery was great.
  4. March 1 Build Week

    Congrads! Long drive but I'm sure you will enjoy getting to know your new ride. Safe travels and post a picture or two.
  5. March 1 Build Week

    Know what you mean. My problem is I need the 157" wheelbase and Ford just doesn't send many to the dealers otherwise I would snatch one off a dealers lot in an instant.
  6. March 1 Build Week

    Date ordered; December 9, 2020 Finished production; March 1st Shipped (allegedly) March 2nd Estimated delivery date; March 21st Revised delivery date; March 28th Re-revised delivery date; Unknown Called my dealer today, 21 days after my truck supposedly shipped, and asked for it's current...
  7. March 1 Build Week

    On the preview order form you received from the dealer, top line called order code. This is case sensitive when you put in in the tracker.
  8. March 1 Build Week

    Congrads! Hope you enjoy the ride. Ford's ordering, production and delivery process is rather frustrating. My trade in offer expires March 31st, so if my new truck is not ready for delivery by then and I lose money on my trade, I will probably walk from the deal and look at the 2021 Rams.
  9. March 1 Build Week

    Started getting excited about my truck arriving this week. Checked the Ford tracker site this morning only to find my delivery date is pushed back a week to March 27th! Watching guys take delivery of their trucks in California built the same week as mine and here I am half that distance...
  10. March 8th, 2021 Build Week

    Could be as stated, or it could be the train transit time estimate then you have several days for the transport company to load it up and deliver it to the dealer. My transit time was 14 days, which is today but my estimated delivery to the dealer is not until the 20th.
  11. Jack Cooper Transport

    Thanks guys, appreciate all the information.
  12. Jack Cooper Transport

    Your dealer can tell you which company delivers to them. JC Transport delivers a lot of Fords trucks throughout the States except for the West Coast.
  13. Jack Cooper Transport

    For those who's trucks were delivered to the dealer by JC Transport, how long before delivery did the JC Pals Portal populate with delivery information? Mine has shown up as pending with a freight bill number, my VIN and with null for a destination for several days.
  14. March 1 Build Week

    Congratulations! You win the prize of being the first to take delivery from our build week. Enjoy!
  15. Trying to decide between two 2021 F-150 Platinum Hybrids... looking for input

    Wish I had my truck to advise on the full recline seats but it's not due in until next week. I ordered the FRS and probably will not use them often, but they are an inexpensive option that if you use once or twice during ownership you will have paid for them. Over the years we have encountered...
  16. 🧭 Track Your F-150 Order by VIN Number

    Yes, an updated window sticker would show the new blend date.
  17. "Shipped" Doldrums

    Ford's math! Built 3/1, shipped 3/2 Transit time 14 days, estimated delivery to dealer 3/20? Doesn't matter, I'm glad it's built and shipped and I will be driving it sometime soon!
  18. March 1 Build Week

    Ford looks like it is starting to get it's act together. I ordered the spray in liner that was causing a couple of weeks delay, so I was anticipating an extended wait. My truck was started it't build on Sunday February 28, completed production on Tuesday, March 2nd and the tracker now shows it...
  19. When does Max trailer tow package get installed

    The Max Trailer Tow Package consists of a 4-pin/7-pin wiring harness, Class IV receiver hitch, 3.55 electronically locking rear differential, 36-gallon fuel tank, auxiliary transmission and engine oil coolers, an integrated trailer brake controller, and an upgraded front stabilizer bar. Smaller...
  20. March 1 Build Week

    My sticker says convoy but it is going rail to Jacksonville then truck transport to dealership in South Georgia.