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  1. Chrome Delete (Well Almost..)

    I also considered sport as I am not a fan of all the chrome either but for me it wasn’t the console that turned me off, it was the interior colors. After spending time with all the options in person I just didn’t care for any of the two-tone options as to me it made things seem kinda busy...
  2. Did Ford pull the incentives?

    No incentives in Central CA either. My dealer said that I’m subject to whatever incentives are running when I actually pick up my truck, but the x-plan invoice price at the time ordered is secured because the invoice price is based on the date the order was placed.
  3. Ford Extends F-150 Production Suspension at Kansas City Plant

    Same boat, ordered in March, scheduled for KC June 7th (pre-shutdown)... will probably have pioneer check again in June to see where the shutdown lands me. If they retool during the shutdown we might end up with an interesting model... since VIN’s are already issued it would still be a ‘21...
  4. My Dealer Called Today

    I have gathered certain options/colors are at one plant or another.... i guess if there are no constraints it’s otherwise random. Here are a couple I have heard: - Powerboost is only in Dearborn - Space White is only in Kansas City
  5. 06/07/21 Build Week Club

    Being scheduled for KC and an additional two week shutdown just being announced for KC I expect to be rescheduled for late June or early July. No changes yet but might check again with pioneer74 in June. Also means my PCO and student rebate will expire, dang.
  6. How to temporarily disable Auto-Hold

    Interesting, yeah reading the page in the manual for it now and no timeout is specified. Stay Neutral mode is listed as a condition where it will not engage as well as not having your seatbelt buckled, thinking unbuckling for then tunnel might work too. Interestingly, I’m not seeing Stay...
  7. How to temporarily disable Auto-Hold

    I thought autohold was only for a number of seconds, do they hold indefinitely?
  8. Automatic Shift into Park

    Neat! I knew that the console shifter did that but had no idea the column shifter also did.
  9. Kansas City Assembly Plant down for an additional 2 weeks
  10. Transmission temp gauge seems odd

    I’m envious of those gas prices... here its 3.55 for 87 and 3.95 for 91 for the least expensive top tier (costco)... over 4 for chevron.
  11. Kansas City Assembly Plant down for an additional 2 weeks

    For KC does that mean that only the Transit line is going to run on 5/31 and 6/7 or that only the transit line is being cut back to a single shift and the F150 line will be running? Edit: ok in the news story (and re-reading the memo) they say the whole plant shut down an additional 2 weeks...
  12. Dash Cam Hardwiring?

    Thats the camera I went with, thanks I’ll probably use the same locations. I don’t have my truck yet so haven’t evaluated it. How do you like that model so far?
  13. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    I did have pioneer confirm the date my dealer gave me but it’s all over the place. My dealer right now has almost my exact build (other than color and 4x4) in but it’s someone else’s custom order who ordered one week before me and theirs is already here yet I’m still 4 weeks from planned build...
  14. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    My understanding is that orders basically sit in the dealers queue until Ford picks them to be built. When that happens a VIN is assigned and a preliminary build week is scheduled. Note that this build week does not show in consumer tracking but the dealer can see it. Assuming no delays...
  15. 06/07/21 Build Week Club

    Why not, it’s a week isn’t it? It is my currently “planned” build week. Will it hold? Probably not, but who knows, got assigned after KC shut down so maybe they took their pending builds and parts orders into consideration when assigning this week out. I just hope that when KC gets rolling...
  16. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Yes indeed! While I do fully anticipate getting pushed back I remain the optimist lol. Crunching the data a bit, with trucks going to CA the time from build to delivery is between 19-134 days with the average being 74.3 days.... which means before July is possible! Again, I don’t really...
  17. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    3/27 order date also in build week 6/7 for KC. Hopefully they are able to get everything they need in during this shutdown period. Haven’t added my order info to the sheet yet, figured once I get an actual build date then I can add it.
  18. Are the upper F-150 models ( Lariat and above) taking longer to built than XLTs trims.

    I found out that my scheduled build week is June 7th so looks like you passed me up. I don’t think I have any extras that require additional stops after the build so hopefully I have a chance at the end of June, but won’t be surprised if later. I did not know they didn’t allow the order...
  19. Changing the Lariat Sport Brown Accents

    I took the time to find in person examples of each of the interiors. I went with black in the end myself as there is already a two tone effect with the door panels and dash... adding a third color (no matter which) just made it seem busy to me. Had the sport been available without the brown...
  20. Have a look at this truck please

    I didn’t think they called it 360 but ya it has something. When I build my 501A I had to add the 360 camera package as an add on.