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  1. Limited real world cargo numbers?

    The OP was asking about towing 10,000 lbs. The brakes these come with are definitely capable of stopping 10,000 lbs.
  2. Limited real world cargo numbers?

    Why couldn't you just ditch the 22's, get some 20's in load range E and some overload aribags?
  3. Is the wood grain on the dash standard on all platinum trim levels?

    I’m betting its a black/carmelo interior thing. Mine looks just like the OP and I have the black/carmelo inter as well.
  4. Length of stock antenna?

    I’m using a 6-1/2” shorty and still get all my local FM stations. Only problem is it’s the one I bought for my 18’ so can’t remember what brand it is!
  5. Length of stock antenna?

    32" long plus another 3/4" of thread past the base. Edit: looks like I was a minute late on my reply! Lol
  6. Disabling adaptive headlamps with Dynamic Bending Headlights (502A and Up)?

    They must not put the “dynamic bending” part on the window stickers. Mine is the same as yours, however, when I get in and start my truck if you are close to a wall or something, you can see the headlights “cycle” up and down.
  7. Does Ford Really want to sell F150s?

    Do you think it has anything to do with not being able to produce vehicles because of the chip and plastic shortage? I wonder if they are watching how many are on order, with limited production, before they need to switch orders to 2022’s? If they can’t fulfill orders until this fall, I would...