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  1. 4/19 Build Week

    Me too.
  2. F150 Lead Times

    Good article on overall impact:
  3. It didn’t work - ProPower ground fault with travel trailer?

    Glad you know the problem and it’s not one of those issues that takes forever to figure out.
  4. 4/19 Build Week

    Mine is scheduled for the same date! Not holding my breath but who knows.
  5. Limited real world cargo numbers?

    Wow. That’s really better than I would have thought. Not bad at all comparatively speaking.
  6. 4/19 Build Week

    Think I better hold off selling my old truck!
  7. Learning all the features

    Good to know and not surprising. Thanks.
  8. 4/19 Build Week

    I’m also scheduled for 4/19. Iconic silver limited with powerboost, bed liner, and fold down work surface. Trying with all my might to not get too excited.
  9. safe way to remove the 4x4 decal on the bed-side?

    I used a hair dryer on my F250 and it came off pretty easy. Key was to heat it a little and test to see if it felt loose. If not heat a bit more and test. Etc. I find it a bit fascinating that car mfg’s still put 4x4 decals on trucks. Like this is some ground breaking new feature 😄.
  10. 2021 Platinum Powerboost Star White with 22"X9.5 Ford Performance Wheels

    Good way to go I think. I would think better quality than many of the aftermarket wheels. I know when I went aftermarket on my F250 and looked and specs, it was very hard to find wheels that were as strong as what Ford put on there. Ended up going with very expensive weld wheels.
  11. Ready to buy my new truck!

    That does speak volumes and reinforces my first impression of him. So happy to hear it. In my situation, I actually had a lower price from another dealer but felt better about going through Russ. I suspect I will order my next car or truck from him as well.
  12. Ready to buy my new truck!

    So happy for you! Well deserved after such a long wait. Hope Russ delivered it just the way you wanted it!
  13. BAK Revolver MX4 vs. Undercover Ultra Flex tonneau cover - Your thoughts?

    Thanks so much. Looks nice. I will have the factory spray in line and a bed rug mat, and I think this will blend nicely with both.
  14. Learning all the features

    I grabbed them here:
  15. Learning all the features

    Great idea for a thread. Just downloaded the manual a few days ago in anticipation of having the truck in a couple months, and the manual is pretty hard to get through.
  16. engine light came on...can I bring it in to any dealer?

    My first truck (F250) I bought from a dealer 12 miles away and ended up having service and warranty work done by one closer. I felt guilty at first until my cousin who’s dad ran the service department for a large Cadillac dealership in SoCal reminded me that warranty work is a good revenue...
  17. BAK Revolver MX4 vs. Undercover Ultra Flex tonneau cover - Your thoughts?

    I’m leaning this way too. Would love to see a picture of yours.
  18. 172 Days Later, my Platinum Arrived today!

    Looks terrific! Congratulations. I know it was a brutal wait for you. Kevin
  19. King Ranch vs Platinum vs Limited

    I’m about to order my power boost to replace my 99 F250 powestroke that I’ve had since new. Only 200k on mine. Still looks new.