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  1. New owner of an Iconic Lariat

    I he-hawed for months about buying one, ordering one, or waiting on the Tremor...and finally just bought one off the lot. It’s the nicest truck that I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had an ‘09 FX2, ‘13 FX4, ‘14 Tremor, ‘19 Lariat FX4. The ‘21 made my ‘19 look 10 years old, lol. I lost sleep over the...
  2. Anyone found a way to disable the reverse beeping? It's loud as hell, and I'm sure will annoy the neighbors.

    no prob. I just don’t have one, so I don’t know what is actually emitting the sound. Lots of back up beeps/buzzers are like this. If you unplug, the zero resistance will tell the computer that it’s missing, but if you physically impair it, the resistance is there but no sound.
  3. Disappointed in B&O Unleashed

    Sirius XM has to be the weak link for F150’s. I don’t know what the issue is, as my wife’s XM sounds great. I ended my subscription a few years ago, because it was so bad.
  4. Anyone found a way to disable the reverse beeping? It's loud as hell, and I'm sure will annoy the neighbors.

    What kind of speaker is? Piezoelectric? Drill a hole through the diagram, the computer will think it’s working but no sound.
  5. Texas WTT Muffler Delete [5.0] & Turndown for your factory muffler and pipe

    Awesome, please drive by my house at midnight and randomly accelerate/decelerate for no reason. lol. I’m getting old. I wish i I could go back and apologize to all my old neighbors from when I owned motorcycles.
  6. Delivered today!

    Man, I bet that 95 probe gt was nice, lol. A friend of mine had one. Granted in 95 I was driving a 79 280z. So anything with a working a/c was nice.
  7. Windsheild Tint

    Perfect tire size IMO, that truck looks great. I’m not a chrome guy, but Ford did really good with the amount of chrome on the new models (even the chrome lariat looks much better). Makes the gmc look like a house of mirrors.
  8. Windsheild Tint

    I have 50% on every windshield in the household. I hate riding in a car that doesn’t have it, lol. And I also don’t like wearing sunglasses while driving, I feel that it restricts my peripheral vision (I still have a vehicle that requires 100% analog driving). You can get absolutely clear that...
  9. Amber DRLs?

    Just color the end of the tubes with an orange sharpie, lol. Anyway, I concur with best answer ever on a message board, lol. Great info.
  10. Factory painted Orange 2021 F-150 XLT

    Lol. “Recalibration of tpms”.
  11. New homemade bike rack for my 2021 F-150

    I took a few pics today. It looks to be 5 3/4” from the inside front edge of the bed. I know the angle isn’t ideal and my cover is in the way, but that is from the inside of the bulkhead. The top of the tape is even with the top of the bed. I raised it a little in the second picture to show how...
  12. Muffler "Deleted"

    What’s an emissions test? lol
  13. King Ranch vs Platinum vs Limited

    The smoked quartz platinum looks pretty awesome with color matched bumpers. p.s. adding a wireless charger to a car/truck is about the simplest and cheapest thing you can do. I’ve never seen so many state that wireless charging made up their mind about spending $70k lol. But then again, I guess...
  14. New homemade bike rack for my 2021 F-150

    I am out of town, but I will try to get you a good measurement on Thursday when I get home. It will be close. But it was one reason I got a roll up cover as I wouldn't have to worry about it not working. I see one picture on their site with my mount and a flipped up tri-fold cover, but I cannot...
  15. New homemade bike rack for my 2021 F-150

    I wish I could confirm. I guess it depends on how much of the cover comes back before the first flip (hinge).
  16. New homemade bike rack for my 2021 F-150

    I use the quick mount. It mounts in the holes in the bed. The holders can be rotated down when not in use, so I can have my bedcover on and leave the rack in the bed. I have it now in my 6.5 ft 2014 Tremor bed, so I don’t have to leave the tailgate down. When my 2021 arrives, I will either...
  17. PCO expiring on March 31

    Just go when you can. In the big scheme of things, $2k isn’t worth the extra worry.
  18. New homemade bike rack for my 2021 F-150

    I have a Ride 88. Expensive as hell, but the best I’ve ever owned.
  19. What made you choose Lariat over XLT

    4A is great when there are dry patches of pavement between ice/snow where you wouldn’t want to be in 4H. Also good in rain.