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  1. Do you use AM Radio?

    I listen to AM almost every day. When I am out of range I use iHeart. WHO 1040 out of Des Moines Iowa and KFAB 1110 out of Omaha. Of course, I also listen to FM and SiriusXM.
  2. My XLT 302a Antimatter Blue two tone

    great looking truck, thanks for sharing
  3. Will 2020 undercover swing case fit 2021?

    Do you have a pic or two to share? Thanks for considering Fredm2002
  4. The Knickell Saga: Finally at an End, Or Just Beginning?

    Congrats on your new truck Sweet looking ride!! May you have years and many many miles of safe travels!!!!
  5. Insurance

    My State Farm agent thought it was cool that I got the ProPower option. No problems, and it was a few bucks cheaper than my 2016 Lariat. Go Figure on that? Good Luck with your insurance purchase.
  6. My 2021 Platinum build is complete 💆🏻

    Awesome looking truck, what was the final price tag of your mods?
  7. FX 4 Package floor liners - what are they?

    The liners are good but don't cover as much as my old weathertech mats, so I ordered some. WeatherTech does not have the back floor liners for the lockable storage, yet but when they do it will be ordered too.
  8. My new AMB Limited

    Nice looking truck. Enjoy the years of driving the truck!!
  9. Dealership has my Ordered F150 for sale

    Nice Build....Give them a call. It could be a way to generate interest and get foot traffic to the store. I would hope a dealer would not sell a truck that you ordered and placed a deposit on, but I know it happens. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  10. Worth the wait?

    I didn't really order mine, per se. A dealer friend of mine and I were talking in September, and he said he would order me one, to my specs and we work out the rest later. No deposit, etc. I could walk away if we couldn't make a deal. I got a call at the end of January saying it was built...
  11. Fit and finish?

    I must be lucky as I do not have any serious issues. I did have a blemish on my console but one has been ordered and will be replaced by the dealer. Not a big deal, as it is being addressed by the dealer.
  12. My New Platinum

    Congrats, Nice Looking Ride
  13. Who’s Happy!?!?

    Hi Eric, I have not experienced that issue. I live in NE Iowa which has its fair share of cold, snow and ice. I have always been concerned but no. I hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable weekend. Fredm2002.
  14. Who’s Happy!?!?

    I have had my truck for two weeks now. No problems, no rust, no issues. Best truck I have ever owned, and this is my fourth Ford Truck I have owned in the past 21 years. So far so good. Issues are unfortunate for those that have them, and I hope your dealer supports your concerns and takes...
  15. ANTIMATTER BLUE F-150 (2021+) Club

    LOL....Columbia Hiking Boots - Size 12.5 :cool:
  16. ANTIMATTER BLUE F-150 (2021+) Club

    Picked my truck up yesterday. Could have had it delivered but didn't want the dealer rep to drive it five hours. You never know how they will treat it. Platinum Powerboost with 7.2KW ProPower. Carmelo Interior, and lots of fun to drive so far.
  17. Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Good to see you back Albert!!!!