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  1. 2021 F-150 Towing, 5th Wheel Towing and Cargo / Payload Capacity Figures

    Thank you for posting this. One thing I don’t understand is why it only shows 1700lbs with the 7850lbs GVWR? have 2640lbs under ideal conditions? Edit... ok I saw it’s the hybrid .. but the 5.0 should should have a better payload?
  2. Projected cargo carrying capacity on specific build?

    I agree with the options and reduced capacity but believe the numbers mostly ring true in my case as with the HDPP it won’t let you add almost anything in terms of options
  3. Projected cargo carrying capacity on specific build?

    That’s actually quite simple if I’m not mistaken. With the attached you choose the wheelbase, the cab, the engine and then if it’s 2wd or 4wd. I ordered mine specifically to have the 2640lbs payload and 13000lbs towing capacity* 2021 XLT Crew cab 6.5 bed 3.5 Eco 4x4
  4. XL Interior Photos (2021+ F150 -- 14th Gen)

    Is that the medium dark slate Interior?
  5. 2021 F150 HDPP

    Hi Adrian90210, Funny... me too with Marisela at Southbay For. I had the worst experience at Galpin Ford
  6. 2021 F150 HDPP

    Hi Curry Bob, Thanks a lot for the warm welcome! I placed my order with a local dealership on Wednesday. They took a $500 deposit and told me that they’ll send an official order confirmation in the next couple days. I just followed up with an email and told them what you had suggested...
  7. 2021 F150 HDPP

    Hello Folks, Ok, I usually just quietly read in communities but am very excited and curious about ordering a 2021 F150. The Dealer I talked to here on the west coast didn’t seem too knowledgeable and is trying to place my order.... First of all I really don’t want a 3/4 T truck due to...