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  1. Max Tow vs regular tow on powerboost

    Nvm the build and price is wrong
  2. Max Tow vs regular tow on powerboost

    Is there any difference in max tow vs the regular towing package when you are getting a PowerBoost Engine? It doesn't mention the brake controller. Is that actually not included in the regular towing package?
  3. Wireless Charging

    Wireless charging is slow and doesn’t work with many cases, I’m not bummed about just plugging it in. In theory you aren’t even using it so what does it matter if it’s tethered? Someone will make an aftermarket option if you can’t get the part from ford.
  4. Option 54W Powerfolding, Powerscope, telescoping trailer towing mirrors

    Not saying you’re wrong, but we can’t fully trust the B&P site yet. Those aren’t even the right headlights for a Lariat. Very possible, but we should look for some real life images. That being said, there are a couple of different lariat sport interiors that have been seen with and without the...
  5. Hybrid PowerBoost F-150 performance numbers as tested by Motortrend

    If it wasn’t the first one they have made I would probably be in. I just can’t partly based on the fact that my 2011 3.5 needed a timing chain and phasers at 70,000 and Ford did nothing to help me out even though it was a known issue as bad parts with a TSB... Also, I’m not 100% comfortable...
  6. OKTB should be achieved ???????

    This is Dearborn correct?
  7. (Nov 19) Report on 2021 F-150 Production Update and Constraints

    Highly doubt it’s six weeks. It won’t even be built until Mid January as it stands. They have already scheduled out the whole year, and no retail orders are being pulled yet.
  8. Pirelli Scorpion ATR Tires to Show up on 2021 F-150

    Nope, they get car tires and I’m not kidding.
  9. Automatic Transmission - Temporary Manual Mode

    Almost new vehicles have this. More likely to roll away than be damaged in the situation you mentioned. You just double click neutral and you’re good. At least that’s how my Lincoln works.
  10. 5.0L V8 2021 F-150 Test Drive Review (King Ranch)

    Sound is one of those nostalgic qualities of big motors, for sure. I’m in it for a silent more luxurious ride. After having a 3.5 In my current truck and a 2.0 in my Lincoln, I’m consolidating to something that leans more towards the Lincoln than an old truck. To each their own, but I like the...
  11. 5.0L V8 2021 F-150 Test Drive Review (King Ranch)

    More HP more Torque, better torque curve, and more efficient. They only offer the V8 for nostalgia, and I’m not kidding.
  12. Any retail orders receive a VIN yet?

    Awesome! I’m happy for you. You know how the game works and you have been rewarded for it!
  13. Any retail orders receive a VIN yet?

    His order sheet says retail, priority 19. I think his dealer is full of it. I have an A-plan priority 10 order and I know for a fact it hasn’t even been previewed for pull yet. That being said it should be at the front of the line when OKTB happens. Since that hadn’t/hasn’t happened yet, I...
  14. Any retail orders receive a VIN yet?

    Just checked with Ford and this order hasn't been pulled yet. Either he's getting bad intel or trying to pull our legs.
  15. Any retail orders receive a VIN yet?

    So, you might want to double check your VIN and your dealership... I just asked the Ford chat about your order when I asked them about mine and I got the same response. " Thank you for waiting. I see your order is currently in Order Processing, and does not show an estimated time of arrival...
  16. Any retail orders receive a VIN yet?

    I hit them up on chat every few days... they don't mind.
  17. Any retail orders receive a VIN yet?

    This is quite peculiar. Has the ford online chat confirmed that your build it scheduled? Not saying it isn’t true, just that it would have been a retail order scheduled before OKTB. Any chance your dealer put it in as a stock order? What is the priority code?
  18. Financing Options?

    What have you guys found success with financing wise? I am always trying to take advantage of interest rates, but haven’t seen anything from ford offering 0% or even 1%. For example I planned on paying cash for my wife’s new Subaru, but they offered me 0.0 so I put that money to work...
  19. (Nov 10) Report on 2021 F-150 Production Update and Constraints

    It depends. They appear to be on limited availability by region, so the answer is “it depends”. I would ask your dealer and hope they know exactly what their are doing.