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  1. Confirm Fit - 285 65r20 on +12 offset 20x9 rims w NO level

    I think without a level you will likely rub . Its the 20x9 wheel with the 12 offset . Stock wheels I would probably say good fit with no rubbing
  2. Will 35x12.5 BF Goodrich Ko2 tires fit with 2” level kit?

    What a breast! Are your wheels 18x9? Also what off set? :)
  3. Looking for alternative to 1221 SVIPE.3 AP2 Apex 3.0 wheels

    Wow! That 157 WB is just stunning!
  4. Looking for alternative to 1221 SVIPE.3 AP2 Apex 3.0 wheels

    Very similar IMO anyway and Fuel wheels aren't priced out of this world either.
  5. Looking for alternative to 1221 SVIPE.3 AP2 Apex 3.0 wheels

    those looks exactly like the Fuel Rebels actually.
  6. Leveled 2021 Sport on 34s and factory Raptor wheels

    Beautiful truck mate! That Iconic is just gorgeous. Any cutting, trimming , rubbing?
  7. Aftermarket Wheels / Tires Thread

    Does anyone know what would be susceptible to rubbing more ? More sidewall or more width ? Like say what was mentioned above . 295/60/20 vs 285/65/20 ( which one of these sizes for example would be prone to rubbing more?)
  8. Spied: Lead Foot 2022 F-150 Raptor Next to F-150 Platinum Star White

    Where are the new Raptor power numbers! itching to know!
  9. Let’s see your 2021+ long-bed Supercrews (157” wheelbase)

    Love them 157s. IMO the best cab to bed proportions .
  10. Aftermarket Wheels / Tires Thread

    Man those Rebel 6 wheels look so darn good.
  11. 3rd Gen Raptor power numbers?

    Any guesses on what the new 3.5 HO engine will make ? I'm guessing 490HP and 570LB Feet of Torque
  12. Tried 295/60/20 with 2" luck

    Has to be the offset I would imagine... Does anyone make a 2.5 level for the 21s? I see 2 and 2.25
  13. Fuel Rebel 6

    my favorite rim on the market right now
  14. Weighed my 2021 reg cab short bed today

    Can you now please subtract your payload from the trucks GVWR and see how accurate it is compared to you actually weighing it ? Thanks!
  15. 2021 King Ranch PowerBoost on 35s and 2" level kit

    That’s a beautiful truck mate. So just rubbing or cutting right ?
  16. Consolidated completed lift /level, everything you wanted to know for shopping.

    IS it the width or sidewall that causes more rubbing ?
  17. F150-2015-2021 - Wheel Offset Guide and Truth

    Good write up Mate...
  18. 2021 F-150 XLT FX4 - Readlylift 2.25" Level - 295/70R18 Tires

    Very nice! So I take it the 2.25 RL is for the 2020 models and as I have seen will also fit on the 21s as well right ?