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  1. Hints-tips-tricks for Gen 14

    Is this a proper example of irony?
  2. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    Is "walking on it" what they mean when the specifications state, "500 lbs. of evenly distributed weight".
  3. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    Renegade bed cover
  4. Happy with 5.0?

    The 5.0 is the real deal. Get ready for the haters to dismiss your excellent fuel economy on a V8 400hp full size truck.
  5. Thoughts on Dead Pedal option?

    It will keep your clutch from wearing out, so that is pretty good.
  6. Happy with 5.0?

    Yes, when I adjusted the AFE, my displayed MPG went down. I have noticed a gradual improvement in fuel economy overtime. Getting 25mpg on a tank is not something I plan on achieving often. I was trying to see what the truck was capable of. IMHO, 19.5-21.5mpg is very attainable for any 5.0l...
  7. Happy with 5.0?

    I adjusted mine from 1000 to 954. It was reading about 1 - 1.5mpg high before I adjusted it. Start at 2:10
  8. Happy with 5.0?

    I previously adjusted my AFE in engineering mode so that my MPG is more accurate. This 5.0 can come close to your 2.7l. This is real data, not PB 14 mile trip to vegan organic take-out data.
  9. Storing/Mounting a Pistol

    I thought it was, "keep a piece, to keep the peace."
  10. Electric F-150 Prototype Caught With Large Mach-E-Style Infotainment Screen

    Not my cup of tea, but PB guys will probably love that screen. Instead of posting MPG data on 14 mile trips, they will post MPG data on 14.384152679 mile trips...
  11. My 2021 limited in the dunes

    Cool music
  12. Fiberwerx Wide Body 2021 F-150 Build

    Is this for making a truck a wannabe imitation Raptor? I'm confused why they are so big.
  13. 3.5 EB Real World MPG

    Basically the same procedure as the previous generation. I did it last weekend. Edit: I changed mine to 954, it was at 1000
  14. K&N Filters And Intakes Released For 2021 Ford F-150

    I am an engineer too friend. Your statement would be true if we lived in an utopian society/economy. The reality is that ethics in engineering ain't what it was in the 1920s. Reoccurring sources of revenue have dominated business in America for the last 30 years at least. If a company can...
  15. K&N Filters And Intakes Released For 2021 Ford F-150

    I am the original owner of a 2008 4.6l f150 with roughly 230,000 miles on it. I have only purchased one air filter for this vehicle to date. I still have 770,000 miles left on its warranty. I'd say the $40 I spent in 2008 was worth it? Idk, according to some of the internet mechanics/financial...
  16. Vibration thru gas pedal

    This is one of the most wild and crazy things I have ever heard. I personally would be very uneasy and completely unable to focus on driving if I was experiencing what you are describing. Best of luck to you friend.
  17. Undercover Armor Flex poor fitment?

    Low profile and water proof are generally speaking incompatible. 16 seconds to remove
  18. Bricked F-150 Hybrid

    Did your truck get fixed?
  19. Undercover Armor Flex poor fitment?

    Why yes, Renegade bed cover.