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  1. 2021 F-150 Tremor walk around

    I doubt it. 402a is supposed to be similar to 502a.
  2. 2021 F-150 Tremor walk around

    I like the aux switches, no front air dam, and available 4A and front torsen on 402a. I’m going to compare prices between this and 800a raptor.
  3. 2021 F-150 Tremor walk around

    Iconic silver. My color of choice.
  4. Hi Guys (New Braunfels)

    Welcome buddy.
  5. Spied: Lead Foot 2022 F-150 Raptor Next to F-150 Platinum Star White

    I don’t like the color, but the stance is perfect. I’m looking forward to see pricing and allocation, and hopefully ordering in the near future.
  6. 3rd Gen Raptor power numbers?

    470hp, 550 tq
  7. Spied: Electric F-150 Bodywork in Testing ⚡️

    This autoblog link provides additional images.
  8. 2021 F-150 Raptor Hero Card Guide (Features, Specs, Packages)

    I’ve reached out to a few dealers, and the only response so far is “early April” for ordering. No word on allocation either.
  9. BAK Revolver MX4 vs. Undercover Ultra Flex tonneau cover - Your thoughts?

    I currently have an Extang soild fold(original) and it leaks in the back 1/3 joint. I plan on purchasing an undercover armor flex after I order a Tremor or Raptor this spring.
  10. Factory painted Orange 2021 F-150 XLT

    That’s not worth anything close to 61k. You are talking mid level tremor or possible base Raptor for that price.
  11. 2021 F-150 Tremor digital previews in Velocity Blue and Black colors

    I think 5k or less is my magic number to upgrade to base raptor. I’m hoping 60k for x-plan 402a tremor or 65k 800a raptor, both with torsen front differential and pro power.
  12. 2021 F-150 Tremor digital previews in Velocity Blue and Black colors

    I think it will be a lot closer than 10-12k since the high tremor is based of 502a lariat. A 502a lariat with 3.5 and 4x4 is low 60s without other options. I can see a base raptor being low 60s, with an option or two (torsen and pro power) bumping up to mid 60s. If the price gap is indeed...
  13. 2021 F-150 Tremor digital previews in Velocity Blue and Black colors

    I’m waiting for b&p to compare pricing between High package Tremor and 800a raptor. One of those two should be my next truck.
  14. Pics of 157" Wheelbase Thread

    I’m disappointed that the Tremor does not come with a 6.5ft bed.
  15. 3.5 EB Real World MPG

    I’m curious to see if the Tremor mileage is any better than leveling with bigger tires after purchase.
  16. Chevy Guy Ordering a New Ford 302A vs 501A

    I would go 501a for auto 4x4 transfer case, leather, and mid level B&O stereo.
  17. E-F150 (Electric F-150) snow testing

    I’m interested and waiting to see specs and cost.
  18. 2021 F-150 Tremor first public look @ King of Hammers

    I bet a loaded tremor will cost more than an 800a with a couple options.
  19. 2021 F-150 Raptor Hero Card Guide (Features, Specs, Packages)

    I’d like to know if heated front seats and lower B&O sound system is standard on the 800A.
  20. So much chrome!

    FX4 package is a joke. You could wait a few months to check out the F-150 Tremor with high package(402).