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  1. USB Uselessness?

    Im frankly shocked so many people use USBs to store music and play them in their truck. My dad does but hes like... i dont know 63.
  2. Not F-150 related, but Bronco question

    I found this one I do not frequent it at all
  3. Horrible fuel economy

    Yeah I would just start a new trip, that should give you a more accurate MPG calculation :)
  4. Horrible fuel economy

    @KBKEITH What MPG showed when you bought your truck? Mine was 11 or so, on the 90 mile drive home, I reset the trip calculator and the trip showed 25mpg, while the "all time" MPG was something like 18. On my trip to sacramento 230 miles. I did a new trip, and it showed 26mpg while the general...
  5. Dent In Air Intake Tube or Normal?

    Alright 2.7 boys, when are we doing the dent upgrade to our intakes?
  6. Cleaning and Polishing Chrome grill

    Ah interesting. I have seen people recommend window/ headlight cleaners in the past.
  7. Who knew?

    On the higher trims, the entire headlights turn to the side or the other as well
  8. Let’s talk leather care

    Oh boy here I go spending another $60 again
  9. Cleaning and Polishing Chrome grill

    Hello Beautiful people, I am curious as to which products would be recommended to polish our chrome plated plastic grills? I was planning on using Chemical Guys Light Metal polish, but I do think it *may* be a little too rough, are there other quality products that would be recommended to...
  10. How long have you had your truck and how many miles so far?

    I have had it for about a month and 2 days: 800 miles.
  11. The Knickell Saga: Finally at an End, Or Just Beginning?

    Hell yeah man , I was beginning to grow worried.
  12. Storing/Mounting a Pistol

    Your truck is not a safe; I think over 70% of firearm theft occur from breaking into a vehicle. I mean by all means carry a firearm, dont leave it on your vehicle.
  13. Preferred Dealer(s) <?>

    I recommend Tom Hillier Ford, the sales experience was insanely good. The actual sale lasted 30 minutes at most. No sales manager, no fees, NO FINANCE MANAGER they didnt try to sale me any useless crap which was awesome.
  14. March 2021 and Q1 F-150 U.S. Sales Stats

    50% drop in cars though... ouch

    I am in every thread

    The real Raptor hasnt even come out and youre looking into Faptors already? cmon give them a chance
  17. MPG data points

    My average is 23.5, which is expected. That was a nice trip, mostly flat, and nice roads. (Half Moon Bay California to Sacramento and back)
  18. Console shifter

    I cant do column shifter. I would probably not have bought the truck if that was the only option. I wouldnt like a dial but its aight, I would get used to it. Console Shifter just looks so damn right and good, I love it.
  19. So THIS is why you all get aftermarket wheels (damage from washing)

    I ordered some for the future... to avoid further damage lol
  20. Ceramic Coating - Price and Details Thread

    I got my truck coated last Wednesday: $1,000 for Ceramic pro Silver package plus $500 for "factory paint correction" which is just removing the light swirl lines.