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  1. Headlight Protection Film

    I for the life of me don't know why they charge so much just for cutting a pattern. I spent $25 on enough to do 3 sets of F150 head lights. I'm sure their pattern is much better/accurate but 300% markup...
  2. Headlight Protection Film

    Cut the glare off the screen, I did the headlight cover to keep it from fading out and help protect from sandblasting.
  3. Headlight Protection Film

    I just got a sheet of 3m clear and did it myself. Used a sheet of paper to cut the shape, put it over the 3m and cut it out. The lens is so flat it was easy to do.
  4. Information on King Ranch Interior Materials

    Went out to my garage and noticed this on my bed cover. I had done a small square on it with the new "The Last Coat" wax I've been testing out. The cover had wax I put on it last week. Two days ago I applied just the small test area of the Last Coat in the square where you can see much less...
  5. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    Every PCO I've seen has to be used by someone in the house hold.
  6. Information on King Ranch Interior Materials

    Good deal Nick, about time right... :sneaky:
  7. Information on King Ranch Interior Materials

    It won't last as long and probably not as good a seal as what you got but I don't mind doing the work. I was just looking for a bit more longevity to my sealer. If I get 8 weeks I'm happy for I regularly apply a sealant to my vehicles.
  8. Information on King Ranch Interior Materials

    I just tried some of this for the first time. There is a buzz on internet about it and has very high reviews. Not a truck ceramic coating like you did Sunny but a self applying ceramic coat type. I was looking for more of a easy spray on type coating that would last longer than the stuff I had...
  9. Track Your F-150 Order by VIN Number

    Mine was built 12 Nov and sat in the airport lot for 5 weeks while they did additional QC checks on close to 20,000 trucks. Finally got moving after that.
  10. Track Your F-150 Order by VIN Number

    some updates on some of the slow downs. Ford is building some trucks without the chips and adding them in as they arrive to save some production time I guess. They are parking the trucks till the chips arrive...
  11. Extended Service Plans ESPs

    No, the price goes up the older the truck is. Try it punching in a 3 year old truck with say 30,000 miles. kavm When I got mine from Flood seems like I say the maintenance part. You had to select it somewhere on their webpage but don't remember where for I don't get those. As I remember when...
  12. You can earn up to 42,000 FordPass points with 2021 F-150 purchase

    Wow, I did not know you can get points on that. Good info
  13. Hints-tips-tricks for Gen 14

    That is a good point, the procedure is for a locked truck. If it is not locked you have to lock it first and then do the remote start. I have to admit I did the same thing when I first got my 2018.
  14. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    I've read there is now a shortage of rubber. Tire companies are scrambling to get enough rubber supply for their production, prices on tires are starting to climb.
  15. Powerboost vs ecoboost

    Yeah, the extra power is not worth the extra cost. I don't put premium (+60 cents per gallon) even while towing but I don't tow that heavy. I just make sure I use a Top Tier fuel. Good info you posted!
  16. The Knickell Saga: Finally at an End, Or Just Beginning?

    I'm a bit late coming to your party Kyle but just saw it! I'm soooo happy your torment is over and all you have to do now is go, Holly Cow!! Lol She is a beauty and best written chronological story I have read!! (y) (y) This whole process has been a, band of brothers, type of feeling here...
  17. Powerboost vs ecoboost

    I would say you get the highest MPGs award, that is some great numbers! I had one trip of about 50 miles and I got a little over 26, probably because my first tank from the dealer I had them put premium in it. The rest of the same trip has been upper 23s to lower 25s. I had done a lot of short...
  18. Powerboost vs ecoboost

    Finally got my photos, phone to PC working again. This is my lifetime average on my PowerBoost and as I stated in my previous post, it includes pulling this boat around 200 miles of the total. I have never weighed this boat but guessing it is close to 5000 lbs.
  19. Where’s my truck

    I did, I had to pay the price difference between the tires and the mounting and balancing. Was a chunk of change but worth it to me to get the Michelin Defender's I wanted.
  20. Information on King Ranch Interior Materials

    Dave is right that modern leathers are sealed but not with a clear coat like the paint. Leather still breathes, can still dry out and needs cleaning and conditioning. From 2001-2008 the Ford King Ranch trucks came with Castano leather. In 2009, Ford switched to Chaparral leather. Both are...