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  1. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    I actually prefer the Extang Solid Fold 2.0 tonneau over other hard-fold type for a number of reasons. Tool-less install. (took longer to unbox than it did to install) Keeps my bed dry. (several car washes and rain/snow storms) Does not block rear window. Automotive grade polymer that resists...
  2. BDS 2" 4" and 6" Lift Kits for 2021 F-150 released

    Long story, short.... Because of issues with my dealership's accessories department, I was forced to go in a different direction, and had a local tire shop install a 2" level kit with 275/70/18 tires instead. Sorry that doesn't answer your question. Maybe someone else has had it done, and can...
  3. Turn on the rear view camera without putting it in reverse?

    2nd button from the left (next to the auto start-stop button) above your Sync display.
  4. Have to save bye to my truck for a couple days for windshield recall. 😩

    It just worked for mine. If you inadvertently copy an extra space at the beginning or end of your VIN, it would try to read that space and fail. Not saying this is what happened, just sharing a possibility.
  5. 34s for 18” wheels

    More pics here....
  6. 34s for 18” wheels

    I upgraded my stock tires to 275/70/18 (Toyo Open Country AT3s), kept my stock 18" wheels, added 2" level kit and haven't noticed any difference in handling or ride quality. MPG hit has been so minimal that I hardly notice. Speedo is only off by 1, which I can easily live with, without looking...
  7. 34s for 18” wheels

    I went with E, but everyone has different needs. I guess it depends on how you plan to use your truck.
  8. VELOCITY BLUE F-150 (2021+) Club

    Same that 👍🏼
  9. Cleaning and protecting exterior plastic and rubber

    I usually spray whatever product onto a rag, then apply, to control possible overspray on those small and intricate pieces.
  10. 2021 Raptor production starts when?

    Google knows.
  11. Finally got my bed setup: bed liner, tonneau cover, and bed divider.

    If you check by touch right after testing with a water source (hose or car wash), you should be able to feel any dampness.
  12. Have to save bye to my truck for a couple days for windshield recall. 😩

    Also this....
  13. 3/29 BUILD WEEK

    I'm just curious why you use ALL CAPS on every post you make to this forum?
  14. Can someone tell me what the specs of this 150? I need this payload rating

    Depends on if it has the Max Tow package or not. ;)
  15. Have to save bye to my truck for a couple days for windshield recall. 😩

    I asked my dealership about this a couple weeks ago, and they said once they start to process this recall it will be done by their body shop while I wait.....NOT leaving it for days.
  16. Wireless Charger Overheating Phone?

    Otter Box cases are thicker than most, and my wife's iPhone 12 Pro Max was iffy even when using a MagSafe charger. She eventually returned the Otter Box and purchased a MagSafe compatible case. Problem solved.
  17. What did you do WITH your F-150 today?

    With my F-150, I just picked up my Bed Extender. Also picked up a tailgate seal. Used my FordPass points. After points were deducted, I only paid $90. Will install it this weekend and then post to the "What did you do to your F-150 today"
  18. Doors unlocking. Random alarms. Software issues.

    Be sure to take along a checklist (there's one somewhere on this forum) of things you can visually and manually inspect, inside and outside, and under the hood. Be sure to climb up into the bed and inspect the roof, followed by a thorough inspection of the underside. Then take you're...