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  1. 2021 F-150 CANADA Order Guide

    Thanks for posting. Technically speaking pricing is about the same but with the XL regular cab 141, 3.3 and 100A group you really are restricted to what you can choose. It end up being an expensive truck.
  2. Crowdsourced questions for your F-150 test drives

    1) I would like to know why the generator option is not available with the 3.3 and the PS engine? 2) Is there any plan to bring more luxurious version of the regular cab in the future? 3) Will the 2022 EV be available as regular cab and in all the trim level? 4)Is there a possibility to see more...
  3. Thoughts on F-150 Axle Ratios

    Since the F-150 does have a 10 speed transmission I would prefer a more agressive gearing(3.73:1). I think there should be an option for an even more agressive gearing with the 3.3 something like a 4.10:1.
  4. Official 2021 F-150 HP, LB-FT, Payload & Towing Capacity Figures

    I wonder why there is no generator offering on the 3.0 powerstroke and the 3.3 V6. Also could we see 4.10:1 gear for the 3.3 eventually?
  5. 2021 F-150 Price Discount Offer From Granger Ford

    Can you provide guidance how to get the same type of deal with Canadians dealers? Thanks!
  6. Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Once the regular production will be going is there any push from Ford to guide witch version a dealer has to order to built an inventory?
  7. 2021 F-150 ORDER GUIDE First Look! Reveals All Options, Packages, Accessories

    At page 30 the XL4 4.10:1 rear end is there any possibility to see that in a near future? That would go well with the 3.3 V6.
  8. Regular cab pictures?

    I might be part of a minority but i prefer the 2 doors . I’ve been searching around but nothing to be found about the regular cab. From what i can see the 3.3 will now be paired with the 10 speed auto. Wonder of this will improve towing capacity? Seem like all the truck will get the « working...