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  1. Ready to buy my new truck!

    Cool, ya didn’t have to far. I inquired at 3 dealers here in San Antonio 2 of them would not even discuss ordering any truck til much later in the year The third one, I bought my Ranger from 15 yrs to the day I went to visit. He attempted to order a 2020, but it did not go thru. I asked to move...
  2. Ready to buy my new truck!

    Did you get this locally? I was thinking SLC or Boise not really that far and perhaps you went that route. Dealer options limited in IF ( I think only Broadway Ford). Several large dealers in SLC and surrounding area. Just curious
  3. Baja Tan interior

    The 2021 pocket in that console is big enough for two of my coffee mugs. My mugs won’t even begin to fit in the cup holders. This is a plus for me as I have caddies n the seats of my Ranchero, ElCamino and k1500 Another item to move if she happens to ride with me
  4. [False Alarm] 2021 F-150 Begin Arriving at Dealerships

    I also just noticed that the VIN is 0101. This is a lower # than the trucks out touring for the "Test Drive Events"
  5. 2021 all weather floor mats?

    Probably in the Ford parts room too. Most likely cheaper direct from manufacturer as well. I'm gonna wait until the truck is delivered for floor protection and seat protection.
  6. Baja Tan interior

    I actually prefer the lighter look than the previous renderings that have been available. I even like the that the (B&P Version) has a lighter headliner and related trim. My Ranger, 79 C-10, and my recently sold 59 ElCamino had black interiors. They seem to make the cabin feel a bit confined to...
  7. What Tires

    I have Hankook Dynapro tires on my K1500 The tread is quite a bit more aggressive and they are 8-ply rated tires. Have been waaay impressed with the longevity and ride of these things. Even with tire pressures to 50+ they ride nice and wear like iron (got 90k out of my last set, then put them on...
  8. Current Rebates with Ford by Model

    I may be able to beat them at “finance with Ford” game. I’ll finance $1000
  9. 5.0L V8 Cylinder Deactivation

    Oh bummer! Now not only do I have to wait until (most likely) until the new year to see my truck, now I have to be concerned with this as well. 6 cylinder truck is not on the table for me. Extended warrantee time. I may not have a note on this thing, but Ford is gonna own it till 100k The...
  10. Full 2021 F-150 BUILD & PRICE IS NOW AVAILABLE

    Stand alone remote start added tailgate release and $100 to the remote start on the old incomplete platform. I ordered remote start on my XLT, so I wonder if I’m gonna get charged $100 over the original $95
  11. [False Alarm] 2021 F-150 Begin Arriving at Dealerships

    On that ad Look on down to where it says: Seller Comments. (Stock # ORDER 001) Pretty much tells me that it has not been built yet
  12. Crowdsourced questions for your F-150 test drives

    Went to a test drive event yesterday to just snoop around a bit. I am registered for a Saturday event in a different part of the city and will go to that one as well. I chose the extended cab STX for the ride as it will be the closest to what I ordered without getting into a lot of stuff I was...
  13. Crowdsourced questions for your F-150 test drives

    There are like 3-4 of these events in So Texas Went to one yesterday that I was not pre signed up for and asked about this. The guy informed me that as far as he was aware, there was no intention of going west of Arizona. That would most likely just leave Tucson, Phoenix & possibly Kingman...
  14. Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Took a test drive yesterday in a STX It had the smaller blind spot mirrors below the side mirror
  15. (Oct 27) Report on 2021 F-150 Production Update and Constraints

    I saw ad for the 2021 on my Facebook feed in the last few days. No pictures were posted, but the prices were indicative of Lariet high and above. These ads were from the dealer I ordered my vehicle from. Debating on whether or not I should take a ride up and have a look. But, not really...
  16. Part of the Team: My 2021 F-150 Order!

    I ordered a Velocity Blue SuperCab, 8’, 4x4, 5.0 just a mid level XLT not really into all the bells and whistles of the upper 3 trim series. 15 years of driving and dealing with short beds has finally hit my last nerve—nothing fits. I just hope the body of this thing stays as tight as my 79 Chev...
  17. 2021 F-150 Real Life Sightings

    I o i Ordered this in Velocity Blue, XLT trim, v8 and the HD 18” painted wheels
  18. (Oct 27) Report on 2021 F-150 Production Update and Constraints

    Looks like January for me. 4-1/2 mo, and a simple little XLT. would have been nice to at least have it by Christmas
  19. Work surface

    January historically has been “mid year” as far as vehicle production my 66 ElCamino has a frame date of 7-6-66 Actual production would have happened the following week. The VIN sequence # is less than 1500 units from the last number from that plant that year. The sequence does not follow...
  20. Limited AWD vs Platinum 4WD Drivetrain

    I think the 4a mode is just a transfer case with a differential. 4x4 of eras long gone had a different TC internally between automatics and standards. If you were to remove the front shaft on a truck with an automatic and put the TC in 4Hi ( full time 4x4 as they did not have a 2-hi) you would...