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  1. mike001va

    F150 XLT Sport Interior Color

    I agree...too much black.. I'm really not a fan of blck interior, or black wheels... reminds me of dirty brake dust...Maybe its me.. but when you going north of $60k for a truck.. should have more choices
  2. mike001va

    Florida Ford Dealers

    Galloway Ford here in Ft Myers is truely horrible... I'm definately going to buy out of town on this one.. Tampa is just a few hours I havent a issue if it saves money
  3. mike001va

    Question about changing grills and wheels

    anyone know if.. I replace the 2021 XLT sport package grill with the STX grill, does it come from parts dept already "code" painted ?
  4. mike001va

    Florida Ford Dealers

    From my research.. Brandon Ford in Tampa.. One of the largest F150 dealers in the nation... from what I saw on the 2020.. deep discounts... I'm going to give them a chance early spring on a 2021
  5. mike001va

    The 3.5L V6 H.O. EcoBoost may return to the 2021 F-150 (as potential base Raptor engine)

    my question is simple... what did Ford do to the 3.5 ecoboost to get the 450 hp? Was it any internal modification..or was it a simple tune... which in case , a 100hp tuner can be purchased for $500, which would bump to 500 hp when added to the 2021 400hp
  6. mike001va

    MPG fuel economy stats for F-150 PowerBoost hybrid (at test drive event)

    19.7 MPG for a test rider is amazing... really.. over a average run time of 65 hrs and about 38 mph.. definately city driving, besides the "lets see what it will do tests " .
  7. mike001va

    the last hoorah.

    thanks ! Not too worried about going anywhere just spending the kids inheritence.. my last new truck because I only drive 3 or 4,000 miles a year... feel like it should last me
  8. mike001va

    the last hoorah.

    I been taking all this information in... great site without the bitching and whinning going on everywhere else.. extremely informative. I have bought Fords my entire life.. My first being a new Red '79 F150 4x4 off the showroom floor for $5900 otd... and 9 other new fords over the years. I have...
  9. mike001va

    proximity sensors on front bumper?

    I wonder if its part of the Ford adaptive cruise control?
  10. mike001va

    2021 F-150 Grilles (All 11 Unique Grills) Comparison

    question... can a XLT FX4 sport package be ordered with the stx grill?
  11. mike001va

    Will the 2021 offer the FX4 package?

    Will the 2021 offer the FX4 package?