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  1. (Oct 27) Report on 2021 F-150 Production Update and Constraints

    Yes, I am in the same boat. I use my truck as an office and I need the work surface. With the mention of the zone and box lighting not being available, maybe we should start asking what is available? I need the Zone lights and box lights. Either way, I am just going to have to wait.
  2. I Want to Thank This Forum Creators

    Yes, Thank you. It is nice to be part of a group, who truly know or are extremely interested in the new F150. Lots of Knowledge and wisdom within.
  3. (Oct 27) Report on 2021 F-150 Production Update and Constraints

    I question if it's not a quality control issue? The work surface doesn't seem that complicated, it's just a different console lid. Would it be something that they add on at the dealership when they are ready, and just put on a standard top for those who preorder the work station? It would keep...
  4. ETA or VIN# in Canada

    Hopefully, but it wasn't a salesperson. It was a marketing Rep. My dealer and salesperson was shocked when they said April. Too your point, stock trucks are being done now and the Rep said that they want to get product on the floors. I assume that means special orders are delayed. Originally, I...
  5. ETA or VIN# in Canada

    Yes, I also have the work surface. Hopefully it is just misinformation. It will be a disappointment if it takes that long. The only bonus is they gave me a really good value for my 18 lease and it should go up in price as I continue to make payments. Who knows.
  6. ETA or VIN# in Canada

    I spoke to a Canadian Ford marketing Rep who said my Powerboost Hybrid would not be available until around April 2021 as he understood that the Hybrid was Job 2. I think he is mistaken, as the Diesel appears to be Job 2 not the Hybrid. I ordered mine in early September and still have no Vin or...
  7. Work surface

    Unless they are having a quality issue with the work surface, or maybe everyone is ordering them with their new trucks, I can't see it being a huge issue getting them. Maybe a few weeks delay. If this is going to take some until mid 2021 to rectify, than that is extremely disappointing. Who...
  8. Interview with F-150 lead engineer (TFLTruck)

    This video is about the new cylinder deactivation on the 5.0 Hope this helps you.
  9. Interview with F-150 lead engineer (TFLTruck)

    Sorry, I can't find it. I know that the salesman was talking about it when I ordered my Hybrid. Hopefully there is something in writing shortly.
  10. Interview with F-150 lead engineer (TFLTruck)

    Fair enough, I was adding the 47 hp to the 400 hp ecoboost because Ford advertised the 35kw electric motor at 47 hp. From what I have read, the cylinder deactivation is part of the 5.0. It might even be on the printout of new updates, that I got from Ford when I ordered my hybrid. Let me check...
  11. Interview with F-150 lead engineer (TFLTruck)

    So maybe I am confused, but the way this engineer explains the PB hybrid, it sounds like it is a 400 hp ecoboost with a 30 hp electric motor. If the electric 35 kw motor is really 47 hp, that means that really the PB is 447 hp. Maybe they under rated it? He starts explaining the 2 motors around...
  12. Crowdsourced questions for your F-150 test drives

    from what I understand they are all Brushed Aluminum to represent the Body of the truck,
  13. Hybrid Late Availability?

    Ya, that would be great. Hopefully the guy is wrong. Even my Ford dealer was surprised by the estimated time. All I know is that the marketing guy said the hybrids would be Job 2, to make sure that they get product on dealership floors. I wonder if It might have something to do with the...
  14. Hybrid Late Availability?

    No, just a 502A 4x4 Lariat. It's a Canadian truck so that could be the reason for the delay. I think if that is the correct timeline, that is an awful long delay.
  15. Canada PowerBoost Hybrid Fuel Economy MPG Rating - 24/24 MPG

    In Canadian money that's thousands in fuel per year saved 😀💶. Looking forward to it. Last year it was costing me $170.00 per tank of fuel. I would get 1120 (hwy) km's on the 144 litres or 36 gallons from my 2018 5.0. Looking forward to the dollars saved each month in fuel alone.
  16. Hybrid Late Availability?

    I was just told that it could be April for my hybrid. I ordered it in September. Apparently they say hybrid is Job 2 but it's really not set in stone. I sure hope that it shows up before April. I was hoping for November or December.
  17. Performance estimates for the Powerboost?

    Rough 0 to 60. Looks like around 5.2 to 5.5 seconds.
  18. Performance estimates for the Powerboost?

    With a 3.73 rear end and the added 60 foot pounds of torque (over the limited HO Ecoboost 450HP 510 Torque) , could we see a sub 5 sec 0-60? That could mean a very low 13s or even better 1/4 mile. That 570 ft lbs of torque hits at 3000 rpm with 4 wheel drive engaged you could really launch it...
  19. Performance estimates for the Powerboost?

    Here is a link to the Ford Rep on YouTube, lots of additional information he covers.
  20. Performance estimates for the Powerboost?

    With over the air updates, maybe it's something that we can hope they will update later. 🤔. I am curious to what HP this Hybrid will make running Premium gas? The Limited 3.5 made the 450 HP on premium gas, but I am not familiar with the regular pump gas rating.